Monday, December 14, 2015

Gift Ideas For the Fitness Buff

Since these months are my crunchtime months with the numerous events left and right, I'm in cramming mode for my Christmas shopping, actually for family and close friends. Even if I'm cramming mode, I try not to give very "general" or "a basta meron maibigay" gifts. I also try to make sure that the person I can give the gift to would like the gift, and it's something that she or he can actually use.

I have a lot of friends addicted to fitness and most of my solid core group of friends come from this group. Whenever we talk about what we would love to receive for Christmas or our birthdays, rest assured it's something we use to work a sweat or help recover after. When we get something related to our passion, we get all squeally and giggly.

I got inspired with Kate's post on gift ideas so I thought I'd post mine as well, being inspired by my fellow fitness enthusiasts. Here are examples of what to give your fitness buff friend or if you pulled out the name of your fitness enthusiast officemate in your Secret Santa, here's what to give:


This is by far a favorite in every list. It might as well be an article on its own.

Trust me, even if we already have a closet full of sports attire, we could never have enough. We're practically addicted to sportswear or for teachers like me, we call it our office uniforms. Give a sports bra or leggings or if you're feeling generous, an entire set to your friend and trust me, it will be in the next gym OOTD.

My Pole teacher, Kayleen doing a handspring wearing Perfect Form sports bra and leggings

Perfect Form Sportswear is a local sportswear brand whose products are at par with most of the high-end brands at a fraction of the cost.  Bras start at Php780 and leggings Php 900.

Triumph recently launched a line of sports bras that give you the support you need, whatever your physical activity is while keeping quality and comfort in mind. Check out their collection at Zalora.

stretching my shoulders and chest in antigravity yoga wearing Pink Salmon sports bra

Pink Salmon clothing is another local sportswear brand that I discovered online that is now making waves in bazaars. They have a lot of cute matching bras, shorts, tops, and leggings to complete your overall look. 

If you have a sporty friend geeked out with the upcoming Star Wars film, give her a pair of Jade Activewear leggings or this cute R2D2 tank top she can wear in her next gym session or maybe during the premier of the movie. Oh, they have matching saber wrist wraps too to protect the wrists. They also have a lot of prints such as superhero, mermaid, Disney, tattoo, Harry Potter, etc.

Sportswear is a must-have favorite stocking stuffer right?

 Yoga mats and Yoga Towels

I chose to become a yoga teacher because I thought yoga is the perfect balance to a very active fitness level plus it's a smart and safe way to work with your body at any age. For your friend who practices yoga, check out the yoga mats and towels at Equanimity Manila. The yoga mats are light enough for the yogi who commutes while giving the cushioning he or she needs.

Class Cards

Even though we have our own personal workouts, we also want to try other forms of exercises. Check out yoga studios for their Christmas packages or gyms for trial coupons. If you have a friend wanting to try out aerial fitness, Polecats Manila is selling Unlimited Beginners Pole Class Card for Php1000.

Mason Jars

snack on the go - peach-mango parfat in a mason jar

Instead of the usual coffee mug, why not give a mason jar? It doesn't cost much plus it's super useful for smoothies, infused water, overnight oats, granola parfaits, and on-the-go salads. The wide-mouthed jar is perfect for oats and parfaits.

Healthy Food

Don't say no to food! Check out holiday starter kits and gift packs from The Sexy Chef. Instead of sugary and fatty pastries, why not try their desserts and snacks that are great as gifts? For as low as Php400, you can get a box of very healthy brownies that taste just as good as the sinful counterpart. I'm a fan of the cookbooks (I have both in fact).  It zeroes in on very easy recipes with ingredients that are locally available. A bar of dark chocolate can be good as a giveaway actually. Check out Echostore for locally-made dark chocolate that can be used as a snack or a healthy drink to warm your bellies. You may also visit weekend markets like the Salcedo Market or The Organic Market at Burgos Park for local and organic healthy food finds that are great to give as gifts.

Sports Soap

Another cheap gift idea is the Sports Bar soap from GiGa that's feels good on the skin after a sweat session in the gym. It also controls perspiration, deodorizes, and cools the body down with its super yummy scent. It's pole-dance approved too!


I found this at our pole dance classes group page and I couldn't stop oohing and ahh-ing. :) This can be used to write down the lesson plan (for teachers/coaches) or your own personal practice or lesson review. Do you have a friend going to aerial teacher training next year? Then this is a perfect gift. And yes, you got it right the illustration is very aerial inspired with aerialists being portrayed as pretty mermaids and happy beings because we are like that. All artworks are done by Jodi Anne Lorenzo and you can find more of her works in her Facebook page.

Hope this helps your next Christmas shopping. Till next time!

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