Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Pink is So Pretty!

The reason for that bag above is that four shoes of mine decided to die smiling and the shoe shop told me that it could no longer be salvagable. Plus, it was super-duper affordable knowing how People Are People slashes their heels on sale.

I got the pink one for one thing I like pink and the last formal shoes I bought (along with the snakeskin bag) are black. Besides... pink is cute, flirty, and pretty.

The details are so pretty! breaking in them has never been so cutesy.
Instantly, I'm 5'11. I'm still breaking in these heels as I stopped wearing heels during the ballerina flats craze and I wore flats more because they're easier when it comes to work since I stand a lot all day. I do miss the heels and the height and the fact that I need them during parties and events. :)
How did it fit me? Surprisingly I was able to find a size that fits me better. I probably need cork to prevent my heels from sliding. Ang ganda tsong! Nagiging babae ako dito!

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