Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Woooootttt! Landing on DPP Magazine.

With the year as young as a newborn baby, I always make it a point to insert a bit of work in the first few days of the year. For me it brings good karma. I dunno why, but it sorta does.

Anyhow, remember my first shoot for the year? I saw in Facebook that one of them landed in DPP magazine. :) That's me on the lower right corner sweeties!
Thanks to Aly Reyes, a photographer met at Manny Librodo's workshop last January. Two of his pictures ended up at the latest issue of Digital Photographer Philippines Magazine (look for issue #32!)

Here's the portrait:The Sleeping Beauty inspired shot is one of my favorites, in fact. And I got a lot of good comments with this photo. Thanks to Manny Librodo for inviting me to his workshop and Aly Reyes for this shot. :) I wanna hang this in my wall now.


jillsabs said...

That's a gorgeous photo Bambi! You should definitely hang it up! :)

Lauren said...

You have interesting really superstitions about working on special occasions, and you're probably right about them. That photo is gorgeous! You should definitely hang it on your wall. :D

Biyaheng Pinoy said...

That's really a good photo.

Bambi said...

thanks guys! yep, i know it's weird that i like working on occasions like the first day of the year or my birthday or a particular holiday. :)

tessa said...

very nice bambi!