Monday, June 28, 2010

Pink Lipsticks, Pink Dresses, and Pink Overload: Working for Legally Blonde The Musical

When I found out that Atlantis Productions would be staging Legally Blonde The Musical, I got really excited. Legally Blonde is one of my favorite movies of all time. Elle Woods is the best protagonist showing that being pretty, kikay, and fun does not necessarily equate to being dumb. Of course having pink as my pick-me-up color too makes me love the pink stage, pink lights, and pink overload. When I heard that MAC would again be the makeup sponsor for the show and I got the email, my answer was a big fat YES to do makeup for the shows armed with four of my pink MAC lipsticks.

Last week was Legally Blonde's first week and I did makeup for some of the shows and the tech runs. It's been both fun and tiring but I'm enjoying every minute of it. I did get to watch the show during the Saturday matinee run and I so loved it. Nikki Gil was such a cute Elle Woods and the blonde wig and pink lipstick (Pink Nouveau, nonetheless) looked perfect on her. I was laughing hard at some of her comedic antics as Elle Woods and it was quite a surprise to me since I've always pictured her as having just serious roles.

Backstage, here's what's in store though.Makeup and wigs await.

Again, not only does this opportunity mesh both my loves makeup and musical theater, but it also gives me the chance to practice my skill. Doing Legally Blonde is another challenge. Although this is my third time to do makeup on theater. Legally Blonde is staged at a much larger theater than the last two shows. So, application needed to be heavier and the features of the actors still had to be seen and defined even by the audience at the balcony. The makeup also needed to withstand the high energy levels of the dancing and singing yet stay true to the character.

Oh, and this post of course would not be complete without pictures.

Rock icon Jett Pangan portrays the role of the toughest law professor in Harvard Law School, Professor Callahan.

Guji Lorenzana gets groomed by makeup artist Ning Tadena. Guji portrays Warner, Elle's ex-boyfriend who dumps her for Law School and a more "serious" girlfriend.

Emmet Forrest, Elle's new love interest who has "seen beyond all the blonde to her mind" is played by Nyoy Volante.
When I did makeup for Nyoy, I jokingly asked him if he should look like he really "hasn't slept since 1995" as Emmet's character claims when he narrates to Elle how he struggled two jobs and Harvard Law School.

A notable character would be Paulette, Elle's newfound friend. The motion picture had Jennifer Coolidge portray the quirky parlorista. In this local production's musical, singer Jinky Llamanzares takes the role. Paulette's character makeup was described as "almost draggy" with blue smoky eyes and loud pinks on her lips and cheeks. Jinky's such an amazing singer. When I heard her sing Paulette's solo "Ireland," I literally got goosebumps.
Offstage, she's so fun and quirky like Paulette and the crew simply adores her. Makeup time is definitely fun with her around. The two men in Paulette's life, Dewey (her ex-boyfriend) and Kyle (the UPS guy) is portrayed by Calvin Millado. The short-shorts and extremity-hugging UPS uniform was instant riot and cheer as he sashayed on the stage as Kyle B. O'Boyle.

More pictures during makeup time:

Legally Blonde runs from June 25 to July 18, 2010 at the Meralco Theatre. For tickets, you could call Atlantis at 8927078 or Ticketworld at 891-9999

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