Thursday, June 17, 2010

Pale Pretty Pink With MAC's Pink Nouveau

I'm here out to review one of MAC's bestselling lipsticks, Pink Nouveau (pronounced noo-vow with a long "o"). This pink is a regular item that's obviously been in demand for its pretty pale look. Being lazy to do eye makeup, I've always gravitated towards deep and bright colors to save time without looking pale. I save the nudes and light pastels for the times when I need a bright smokey eye since a pale lip and pale eye could leave me looking washed out.
Pink Nouveau is a pink that's hard to miss. A favorite in beauty editorials and girly shots, this color has created a fan base on its own. It's a pale pretty pink in a satin finish. Satin in MAC means it's semi-matte.

From the swatch, we see that it's not a slick and shiny as those in the lustre finishes. The finish is quite opaque though, and it covers the lip's (or in this case, the skin's) color just like matte finishes do. Despite the opacity, it's not that drying as matte but not as moisturizing and cushy as the amplified or cremesheen finishes. Since it's part of MAC's regular items, the packaging would still be the iconic black packaging. I actually thought that this was a bright pink but actually, it looks quite natural comparing it to two of my pink lipsticks.

On the left is Saint Germain from the Euristocrats collection last year. On the right, we see the bright KSP-pink of Hollywood Nights from the Heatherette collection. Pink Nouveau is an in-between of the two in terms of brightness. Saint Germain would be too pale to wear on its own so it needs a dramatic eye or bright blush so the face doesn't look too dead. Hollywood nights would be brighter than this and would need a face that's more tamed-down.

It really looks pretty on the lips. I like that it's not too shiny and the pink is pretty classic. It could be used on a bride, even. I could match this up with smoky eyes like I did with my Tek Tok TV guesting yesterday (for those who are curious about the pink shade I was wearing) or a fresh face. This shade also could be worn by morenas as well. I wore this shade without a lipliner. I suggest pairing this with a pinkish-nude lipliner so preserve the pretty pastel pink hue. For girls with very dry lips, prep lips up with lip balm first before applying lipstick and lipliner, so it's not too dry.

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