Thursday, June 10, 2010

Wishing and Hoping.

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My birthday strategically is placed at the middle of the year, and I've always liked that trivia because it divides the year right down the middle. Anyway, with it coming, I always draw up a list on what I would like to have. A little bit of materialism, since I am human after all, aside from answering the question I get that what I want to have from people who ask me, instead of being caught blank with that question and repeating the same answers or inventing something, I'd rather do a blog post. Okay, I say that each time I do my birthday registry list but you get the idea. Anyway, here we go:

1. Equipment. Why equipment? Because I really use them for work. I'm in the process of creating a makeshift studio already so I could do makeup even while at home for those who want to go to my house for trial makeup or if they want to go to my house to have their makeup done. First up is a makeup chair to save me from back pains especially if I would have to stoop down to do makeup, which kinda affects also the quality of the makeup since I create a shadow while stooping down. Throw in a portable light case too. Each of these cost less than Php7,000, and yes, I have a piggy bank for this. I plan to get an airbrush kit as well too, since a lot of inquiries ask me if I do airbrush and although I'm not a 100% airbrush convert yet, being a sucker for traditional, I feel the need to have one soon.

2. Sneakers/Rubber Shoes: Would you believe I do not own a decent pair of rubber shoes? For one thing, I am not an athlete and my daily routine for workout is alternating between yoga and pilates and also a bit of bellydancing for fun, which is mostly barefoot. When I do bond with Carmen Electra, I do so barefoot or in stilettos. I definitely need a pair of rubber shoes for walking and for working out as well. Before it was all about heels heels heels. Must be age?
3. Makeup brushes: Can't get enough of them, and these are definite investment pieces. I now believe on investing on good brushes. I do love the Dashe and Suesh brush sets because they're super soft without breaking the bank. Of course, the premium brushes that top my list are MAC and Bobbi Brown. I'm slowly collecting the MAC brushes now. I got a 188 already, thanks to my good friend. For MAC, i'm eyeing on the 150, 188, 168, 191, 130, 239 (I need a lot of these, they're the absolute best), 224. For Bobbi I want the blush brush, lip brush, smudge brush, and the angled eyeliner brush (which I would love to use for the brows and the gel liner). The red Shu Uemura brush is also another brush I'm really lemming on. Why do I need several brush sets? For the reason that sometimes whenever I wash my brushes, they have no time to dry and I need them for the next day since I have a client or gig, so at least backup.
4. Black outfits: Tailored shift black dresses, black pants, black tops, black leggings, black skirts, black shoes, black boots... Black has dominated my closet as well as key classic items like jeans and basic shirts. When I need to be "serious", I have my black outfits, which are stuff I should never run out of.
5. David and Goliath Shirts. I love them. They're quirky and give life to my otherwise black-and-neutral dominated closet. I have yet to pair a David and Goliath top with an elegant black leather-like pencil skirt. What I like about them too is their length, I could bend down without showing my lumbar area for the whole world to see..
6. LayBare GCs, obviously, because I like staying hair-free. Oh, and Veet Wax strips while at it. I am crying to the world for laser hair removal.
7. GCs to my favorite stores so I could freely shop. :) name them: The Ramp, MNG, Zara, Topshop, Promod, Dorothy Perkins, Gap (for the laid-back look), Terranova, Regatta, and my makeup supply shop: Rustan's. I'm also loving SM Stores for their clothes so there.
8. Laptop, which is the gift I'm thinking of giving myself as well, since I want to do work while I'm mobile. I swear, I should learn to part with a desktop soon and live the life of mobility. If I need music, speakers cost cheap.
9. A better phone. Why? Because my 6-year-old phone needs to retire badly. I need a phone with more memory now.
10. Gigs. Good ones. Gigs make me happy. Gigs make all of us happy.
11. Happiness and more success - because I don't want to be 100% too materialistic. Hahahaha. And lots of good karma and love. :)
12. Music Sheets of the following songs: Womanizer (Britney Spears, acoustic version), Runaway (The Corrs), I Never Really Loved You Anyway (The Corrs), and It's Oh So Quiet (Bjork). I'm still traditional when learning music. I don't know chords (I can't tell a C major from minor), I just read the sheet with the actual notes. I've been searching high and low for the sheets for these songs.
13. I'm dreaming on this but a piano or a big keyboard. The piano entertains me when the power's out and the keyboard is more portable. Personally, the keyboard is relatively low maintenance, but the piano has more octaves. I can dream but if I see one on my door I'd be happy and inspired to do more covers.
14. A video-capturing device that records audio better to go in conjunction with the lappie. I didn't want 13 gifts, so I made it 14. Hehehe... For good luck.
With 5 days to go, I'll just enjoy the rest of the time that I'm (quite young). Anyway, whatever age I am, I'll just be happy and enjoy. :)

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