Sunday, June 13, 2010

OOOHHHLALA Moment: Shapeless (and Colored!) Dress

I've been scared to death to wear anything aside from the usual neutrals and blacks that I wear. Yet when I saw this aquamarine dress on the rack yesterday, the mute but fresh color plus the silhouette, not to mention the pocket-friendly price tag made me want to buy it. And so I did and wore it today. If you're wondering where I bought that dress, I got it at Get Laud.

The first time I encountered Get Laud, it was just a small stall in the bazaar part of Alabang Town Center. I was making embellished shirts and they had the quality I was looking for. Back then, Get Laud just sold shirts and tank tops. Now, they have branched to funky tops, wrap dresses, maxi dresses, and even jumpsuits. Horray!

I love the quality of their dresses since they're pretty comfortable and wearable without taking a toll on our third-world pockets. The jersey dresses are my absolute love, especially the plain ones which I could morph into a top, a dress, or with the right accessories and shoes, I could take this to work, to play, or to dinner or lunch.

Anyway, back to this new dress of mine:(I also have this in black. :) )

This shapeless jersey dress could morph into a top by just hiking up the hem and pairing it with a pair of skinny jeans or leggings. Right now, I used this as a dress, and as a dress, I could make it as short (as I did here) or as long as I please. I wanted to go all girly and show some leg so I chose a mid-thigh length and paired it with gladiator wedges for an interesting detail. The wedges were pretty comfortable and I didn't limp, to think I stand up most of the time. The fabric enables me to survive the warm weather without melting into mulch. I like how it clings to me on the right places and loosens up on the top part. On a more relaxed note, I could wear this with flats or flipflops if I just want to keep it casual and relaxed. My hair is half-up and half-down here but towards the end of the day, I decided to tie it back in a ponytail to fight the humidity. With a skin-revealing outfit like this, I kept accessories minimalistic - watch, earrings period. Let the legs say it all.

Why the color aquamarine? I wanted something fresh, but I chose something that's not too loud with color. Red would be too much for this cut, especially if I'd be wearing it quite short.

I'm really liking Get Laud now for their outfit choices without breaking the bank.

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