Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Little Lamb So Cute

Oh look, just when spas I thought are for grownups, I find out two weeks ago that there's also a spa for babies! I attended a press launch on Rotavirus awareness hosted by GSK, and after the talk, a baby spa demo was given by the staff of Little Lamb's, a pediatric and wellness center that offers therapeutic massage to infants less than a month old and up to 19 years of age (dayumm! I'm __ years over age!).

Yep, there's such a thing and it's the cutest thing I've seen.

Lookie! The baby even has a robe-robe! And it's Pooh!

He sure must wonder why the grownups are all here.

I asked what oil they used and they said they use virgin coconut oil base so it's less irritating on the skin. I was shown three variants - Eucalyptus, Chammomile, and Citronella, which all smell good and have different effects.

I think the baby loved the massage because he fell asleep right after.

Little Lamb's also offers skin treatment for adults as well so mommies can also bond with their children.

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