Monday, May 11, 2009

Nora Soho demonstrates Spring Summer Trends for Shu Uemura

One afternoon, on my way to an event, I was texting my good friend Yeoh and I found out that he's already here in Manila. Then I was like, "Hey, I got an event for Shu later, come with me!" Pretty much, he didn't have a choice and I needed a friend to tag along with me and I missed him dearly since he went home to Naga.

Anyways, so we trotted to Rockwell and did some window shopping on makeup and clothes. We met up with Mike at Coffee Bean and proceeded to the event at the second floor. Another thing was that the model for the event was also our friend so we were there to give out support.

Japanese food, iced tea, plus good stories to tell, the program hasn't started and I already had a good time. And so, we were introduced to Shu Uemura makeup artist Nora Soho, who demonstrated a very easy and colorful eyeshadow look on the model, Diane.

Nora introduced to us the star product, the Shu Uemura UV underbase which evens out skin and helps dissolve dirt that has accumulated on the face. She then applied base makeup and set everything with powder. After which, she proceded to the eyes.

She applied a cream eyeshadow in a neutral color from lashline to browbone to act as a base and a neutral-colored powder shadow on the outer browbone for highlight. She also advised us not to apply the highlight on the entire browbone area as that could have a hooded effect on the eye, especially for us monolids.

Soft pink eyeshadow was dusted on the eyelids. She advised also, that though pink might make the lids look puffy in Asian eyes, the technique is everything in moderation. She applied a sheer wash of pink and lined the bottom eyes with blue powder shadow. she used purple on the inner lower lids to sort of meet the pink and blue together. She then groomed the brows with ease to frame the face followed by blush and lipstick.
We were also introduced to the newest addition to the Shu Uemura makeup line - Painting Liner, which were individual pots of creme eyeliners in vibrant colors and three finishes - matte, metallic, and glitter. Colors, aside from the classic brown and black are white, pink, blue (light and dark), gold, silver, green, and purple. We watched how Nora gave Diane a classic cat eye with a twist, meaning she used not one but two colors -light blue and dark blue. She even dabbed a bit of silver painting liner using her ring finger on the inner cornes of the eyes as a highlight.

So here's Diane all made up:

I love the clean and classic look she has. here's her with makeup artist Nora Soho:

Thanks Yeoh for this picture! And here's a picture of Yeoh just for the event:

This event also introduced to us the Shu Uemura Learning Atelier, wherein anyone could learn makeup, skincare, and the latest trends. Classes are usually maximum of 5 and would be conducted by the brand's accredited makeup artists. These classes would be held at the Shu Uemura Boutique at the Powerplant mall in Rockwell.

There would be three modules namely:

1. Discovery (Php 6,000) which addreses basic on skincare and makeuip application.

2. Explore (Php5,500) - tips on foundation, coloc correctors, and professional techniques on contouring and my absolute OC-ness and favorite: lash and brow styling

3. Aspire (Php 5,000) - latest trends in makeup and advice on the best ways to ude the brand's tools and products to achieve avante garde looks as well as makeup artists' signature looks.

Each participant will be presented with a Shu Uemura Learning Atelier book and a starter kit as part of the module (yay!). Birthday coming up in a few weeks so maybe hmm....:-?

Anyway... after the event, I decided to give Yeoh a belated birthday gift and a thank-you gift:

I got him foundation for his shade since he needs basic foundation for his go-sees and some of his shoots. :) It's also a congratulatory gift too for a TVC and a fashion show. :) Then we met up with Mike for dinner and surely had a lotta good time. :)

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