Monday, May 11, 2009

Shoot Away

I got serious coaching from model/photographer Glenn on this layout he wanted to do, a sort of sexy photographer kind of peg. It was fun doing this layout because it releases all inhibitions but at the same time challenging because your body will be your tool - literally... as a huge percentage of it would be shown. As makeup artist, I had to make sure that the makeup and hair still gets focused. I told Glenn though... make it sexy but I don't want anything too hoochie.

The pictures on camera as well as the raw (meaning untouched or unphotoshoped) were fantastic. Kudos to the two guys - Mike and Glenn for doing another fantastic job.

Photo by Glenn del Rosario (I pictured the printout here, hence the quality)

Photos by Mike Yu of Mantra Photography

Oh by the way, the two-piece could be purchased at Shameless plug. :)

Makeup here is extreme black-gray smoky eyes and light brows plus super full lips. Instead of the full-on wavy hair, I ironed my hair straight to emphasize its length. It's really long now. It's right down to the middle of my back already if it's ironed.

Pegs like these are fun since they let me play someone that's totally not me, so it's a good roleplay, like be a Giselle Bundchen or Tyra Banks kind of girl for like a few hours.

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