Saturday, May 23, 2009

Red at The Red Carpet

Spotted at the premiere of Ingenious Bastards at Cannes, the classic combo of clean eyes and red lips turned heads and two of the loveliest ladies in Hollywood show us two ways of sporting the whole classic old Hollywood glam look:
Superwoman Angelina Jolie ups the amp on her signature (and natural) full lips by giving it a red hue that compliments her making that red look striking and enhancing that pout instead of overkill. She chose a matte finish to keep it subtle and balanced it out with neutral eyeshadow, blush, and liquid eyeliner flicked upward to create her cat's eyes. She balances the whole look and keeps it soft by wearing her hair long and wavy and choosing a soft peach dress.

Zhang Zi Yi's soft and dainty features get some extra oomph by red lips (I absolutely think she looks fabulous with a red lip and makes her look super sophisticated). Her brows are defined so it frames her face. False lashes accentuated her eyes (or your fave mascara could do the trick), which were done in just neutral shades since red lips are the main focus. In contrast with Jolie's soft waves, Zhang Zi Yi pulls her locks up in a neat but romantic chignon and wears a strapless black gown drawing attention to her neck.

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I personally like both looks, sice they're pretty effortless to do. :) The tricky one there probably would be the cat's eyes, but once you get the hang of it, it's cool.

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