Thursday, May 28, 2009

Bambi and Erika's Night Out Looks

Since I had two events to go to last night (both of which to reveal soon), both posh and cocktail-y, I had to look my best, not just makeup-wise. Since the second event had a nature theme but I wouldn't want floral-overload in the first one, I went something that doesn't spell floral overkill and something safer.

Here's Erika's night-out look. Since we would be standing all day, she decided to wear flats. Her curly hair was let down to make it more goddess-like and she chose white as her color.
Makeup kept neutral save for a wash of baby blue eyeshadow, definition on brows, mascara, and lipgloss. She just dashed from work here. Less preps and still looking fab. The white made her stand out from black LBDs and black pants. A simple silver headband and a silver bag were the accessories for her and she kept the simplicity of whites, blues, and silvers to channel the elements of sky, angel, and innocence. Erika's hair is already naturally curly so all she had to do was let it go from the bun she had all day.

I wanted to keep it safe by wearing black but played on makeup and hair

Black to make the makeup stand out (Dress by Isabel Ridon). I went for smoky cat's eyes in browns, coppers, and greens instead of traditional black and gray. Contours to bring out the planes of my face plus bronzer and highlight with a kiss of peach-gold blush for warmth and shape. I defined my eyebrows but softened it with blond highlights and added a lick of neutral sparkly lip color. I sported curls too, and kept them random (and it helped too that my hair is naturally random). Just like Erika, I kept accessories at a minimum - a basic black shawl, watch, ring, and earrings.
I call these earrings my good karma earrings. I blogged about them before, they were a gift to me by accessories designer Dennis Celestial and they feature religious images. I keep getting compliments about where I got them and how unique they are. I consider these my good karma earrings because everytime I wear them, I keep getting positive vibes - compliments on how I look, a good day, and even once protected me from harm. I thought that with the nature theme, it somehow conjoined with nature as its origin.

The contrast our outfits had (but they both had similar cuts) were purely coincidental. She was kidding me that our outfits were angel and demon, when it's actually sky and animal (the animal-printed accessories and cat's eyes in my case).

Curly Hair, tube dresses. Black and White. Innocent and Vixen. :) But we both had fun, nevertheless. :)


Steph said...

ohh she's erika mags right? she's one of the models of my classmate in LCI during the finals. she's so pretty. :) anyways, love your look. very vixen-ish :)

Bambi said...

yep! that's erikamags alright! :)