Monday, May 18, 2009

A Weekend of Shoots, Movies, Weddings

Hey happy Monday everyone! :) I kinda got my hands and eyes full from Thursday up to Sunday since I was bombarded with work. :) Just last Thursday, I had a client shoot for marketing materials for products. I did one makeup but three hairstyles. It was really fun too, and since I'm a regular of the studio, the studio environment had a good vibe. After dinner at Glorietta at ever-so-trusty McDonalds, I met up with Rudge since we had to do some shopping for our shoot the following day. We were like Project Runway running over to stores at G5 as it was almost closing.

Anyhow, the shoot was held at the photographer's studio/house. Rudge had this amazing concept we both fell in love with and his materials choices were absolutely fantastic and I loved the play of textures. Before I reveal the teaser shot and the actual shots, which would be out next week, here's the partial look:

Total team effort. :) I did the basic makeup, Rudge, me, and Mylene (the photographer) wrestled with my mile-long thick hair, and Rudge did the painting of the face using mixed media. I really can't wait for the shots because they're fantastic!

Anyhow, after we cleaned our faces, I dropped Rudge to his fitting and I went over to Rockwell since Mike organized a movie night for all of us as we watched Angels and Demons. I hung out at Shu Uemura first to visit EJ and Cecille then went over to meet Mike at Coffee Bean. Rudge followed thereafter from his fitting and so did the rest of the people. Okay... so we were 22 people occupying 3 rows of the theater. The movie was really great, although different from the book. I just had to close my eyes at the gruesome parts. And well, okay. I refuse to reveal spoilers here. :)Mike at the back with Tristan and Val holding the tickets. Strategically, Mike separated me and Dana so as we do not reveal any spoilers. :)

So here's the (partial) group picture after the movie

Poor Rockwell got a dose of 22 rowdy people on a Friday night. :) This night also united me and my girls who I missed dearly

You all know Erika (left) and me and here's Jovy on the right. I missed her since she started working and got really busy. She also models and she rocks at it really well. Love her new bangs and cat's eyes And check out my lip color. Nude color for once and cat's eyes. Yep. I was able to remove the makeup successfully.

I woke up early the next day since I had to do entourage makeup. I'm glad that I was assisted during the entire time because there were 6 heads to do. The preps were done at Diamond Hotel, and I just love, love, love this day and I love the simple but fab looks we did.

Just yesterday, I had a client shoot too for their personal portfolios. I was able to use my new curling iron, which worked really well in delivering big, bouncy curls.

Anyhow, when I got home, I got the biggest surprise since Glenn uploaded this picture at his site:

Photo by Glenn del Rosario

I'll wait for the rest of the sets before I finally upload this at Multiply. :)

So that's my workweek and now, it's rest and relaxation time :)

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