Sunday, September 2, 2012

Discovering Lisa

I spent the last two days of the weekday with Avy and as usual, with her around, there's makeup talk, retail therapy, and more makeup swatching. Makeup love gets recharged and at the same time, we have this objective and scientific view on makeup as to what's not good and what should be used on certain skins and what should we not give in to spending because of cute packaging and hype or what-not. While over Very Berry Starbucks drinks, she mentioned about this makeup guru in YouTube named Lisa Eldridge that's super awesome in making her tutorials.

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Reading up on Lisa, I found out that she is a makeup artist by profession and started out when she was booked to do Cindy Crawford's makeup for a shoot and the rest is history. She owns a very organized makeup blog apart from her YouTube channel. She is based in the UK with her family and she makes her tutorials from her home studio. All her videos, I saw are very clear in excellent lighting and quality where you can see the whole process clearly as she speaks and demonstrates the procedure. Reading up on her and watching her videos, here are more reasons why I am instantly converted to a fan in two days:

1) Her looks are simple and easy-to-do. Obviously, even if we love makeup, busy girls do not have 2 hours each day to sit down and do their eyeshadow when they have to rush to work and still have to do their chores. She shows simplified methodologies on how to recreate red carpet looks and even some of the works that she has done in magazines.
2) The quality of her videos is awesome. There's the angle, light, and sound quality. You get to see most of her face.
3) She loves and has cats. Wait, should that be my #1 reason?

I've discovered that whenever I'm on gigs, I'm always makeup-free most of the time. This is understandable for outdoor shoots but of course for weddings and shoots where I'm expected to look my work, I have to be more presentable. I think I'll take a cue or two on how she does some of her tutorials. A favorite is the Kristen Stewart smoky smoldering look that takes like around 5-10 minutes to do. Yay Internet! And probably I could take a tip or two when I start doing my own videos again.

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stella jezebelle said...

oh, I learn a lot from Lisa Eldridge.. ^_^ I believe she is the head/director for makeup for vogue magazine.. Her husband is also a staff member for VOGUE UK.. =)