Monday, July 28, 2008

Romsie's Makeover

Last Saturday, I was doing makeup for a press event when a pretty girl walked in. I paused from working and said "Hi!" When she saw me, the girl beamed and exclaimed, "Omigod! I know you! You're a blogger!" I looked at her closely and she did look familiar.

"I met you in the Pantene event!"

It was Romsie, and yes I did meet her during the Pantene event. She arrived looking fresh with her hair pulled back in a simple ponytail, wearing a brown sleeveless dress and for makeup, mineral foundation and lip balm. Of course! This is also her account! We immediately chatted up along with my client and she was like, "Oh, doktora, you're in good hands! I'm such a fan of her!"

She was back and forth chatting with people as well as Tippy and our hairstylist, Dimples, who was in the other room. After which, I asked her if she would like to get her makeup done. She was shy until everyone told her to. She finally conceded and then I did her makeup.

I cleansed her face to remove her makeup. Since Romsie was already pretty to begin with with satinlike skin, I just evened out her skin tone and sprayed airbrush foundation on her and blended it with a sponge. I contoured her face to bring out her best features. I kept the eyes neutral and made her lips the focus - bringing them out with red lipstick.

So here's Romsie before:

Prepped skin. Just had to even it out with foundation and color correctors. Romsie never wore red lipstick, so this must be her first time. She also had long lashes (think Marian Rivera) but she told me her horror when one time she had an eyelash curler incident which left her traumatized. However, I gently curled her lashes and reinforced it with curling/volumizing mascara. Eyeliner was kept at minimum, since her eyes are pretty much well-defined.

So here's Romsie after red lips and looking glam:

Since it was a daytime event, I made it a subtle red instead of all-out vamp red (L'Oreal in Burgundy Richess, a shade that one of my clients also loved) and gave her cheeks a flush so she won't look washed out using a peachy-pink blush. It was such fun to do makeup on Romsie. FYI, she also tried her luck in modelling before. I wouldnt be surprised if she would get back on track again.
The look is good on bridals, especially for the red-lipped fanatics, like me!

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