Wednesday, July 30, 2008

"Peeling" Glowing: The Start of My Day-Long No Makeup Sentence

I always say, makeup, no matter how well you apply it, what brand or kind you use, if the skin is bad, makeup will not sit well. Just like a painter preps up his canvas for his masterpiece, we should always take care of our skin. I'm now a sunblock fanatic going to having at least SPF 15 moisturizer (and layering with makeup with SPF) up to SPF 50+++ whenever I go out and always remembering to remove my makeup at the end of the day. Just like a car, my skin also needs a tune-up, and here comes face peels to do a "general cleaning". Skin peeling is actually a process where the dead skin cells that stay on the surface of our skin are removed revealing the young, glowy skin underneath. It's the dead skin cells that actually make us look ashy and our skin dull and although they automatically shed, sometimes, our skin needs an extra help. I do my own DIY exfoliation process at home usually, but here's an extra help.

Facial peels, I'm kinda shy from them since I always associate facial peels with redness, flaking, burning, and that raw feeling. However, I was assured that this peel would be suited to my skin type and would be done by a licensed physician. This peel would also be not the peels I know of but a gentler type. Actually, my first-ever facial peel experience happened a while ago at Ageless Center in Festival Mall in Alabang, just 30 minutes away from I live.

Since I knew that this would be a facial session, I left the house without anything on my face save for SPF 50+++ sunscreen and huge sunglasses to cover my un-lined eyes and nonexistent un-defined brows and lashes. That's a feeling I have yet to get used to since I'm really not used to not wearing makeup at all in public. Heeheehee.

So here's how it works:

They cleaned my face using cleansing milk save for the eye area, then used a scrub then cleansing milk again. After which, my face was brushed using this mechanical brusher to smoothen the surface then steamed to open the pores. As my face was getting steamed, I received a head and shoulder massage (I love massages). Then, they vacuumed my skin and gave me another quick massage as I waited for my peel.

My skin was analyzed and I was asked if I was allergic to anything. I stated that I was allergic to aspirin so aspirin derivatives and salicylic acid are definite no-nos. That was such a big plus to me since they really made sure that the treatment was customized according to my skin condition. I was just given a very mild peel, followed by serums for anti-redness, to tame my pigmentations, and some serum containing vitamin C, E, and antioxidants to keep my skin healthy. I was also asked if I felt any pain or stinging. From a scale of 0 to 10, with 0 being the lowest and 10 being the highest, I would rate the highest level of pain as a 0.75. There was a bit of stinging, but it's nothing that I could not handle. Also, despite the layers of moisturizers and treatments I had, my skin didn't feel heavy or sticky.

A gauze was placed over my face and then subject to high frequency to close the pores. So how did my skin feel? I actually love how it feels so smooth and soft. It didn't feel raw after, especially since this is my first skin peel. Also, it looked glowy, up to the point that I actually feel comfortable walking around without makeup. I keep kidding them, "I'm now Photoshopped!" I was given also post-treatment instructions (wet face 6-8 hours after treatment, no heat on the face, no direct sunlight, wear sunscreen, etc). I also asked when I could wear makeup and two hours after the procedure is the minimum time but since I want to play safe, I'll declare tomorrow as no-makeup day for me.

So how does it feel walking around without makeup? At first, it felt kinda weird, since I'm so used to wearing makeup, sort of vulnerable at first. Actually, when I do my at-home peels, I forgo makeup the following day save for eyebrow definition, mascara, and red lippie. This time, it's all just skin. :-) So here, I'm letting my overworked brushes rest for a while and let the skin do the statement, save for my staple red lippie of course!

(Note: No pix here! Just a bit of resting on the camwhoring thingie too!)

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