Wednesday, July 23, 2008

The Chair Saves The Day!

Again, here's good news to makeup artists, old and new!

We've all had that #1 problem in doing makeup: our back hurts up to the point that we make the makers of salonpas, ibuprofen, and topical pain relievers richer in one sitting. Also, personally, I've experienced low back pain when doing makeup in an uncomfortable position. When I saw the director's chairs being sold at makeup stores, I saw how practical it was being able to be adjusted at a comfortable level so I'm at eye level with my model and my model does not experience back pain from sitting too long. Alas, thay cost a whopping 16,500! Imagine all the makeup that could buy?

Tippy came up with a solution to manufacture makeup chairs that would save our backs, bones, and pockets from over-spending. Presenting.... the makeup chair!

(Photo by Paul Ang)

Imagine what it would save you from the risks of surgery, physical therapy, and doctor's fees and the hassle of back pain. And not only will it save your back, it would save your model's too. :-)

For orders, please contact 0917.730.3865

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