Saturday, July 12, 2008

Hi! I'm Your Neighborhood Makeup Artist!

It seems that I'm in a blogging spree. I've set up another blog dedicated to makeup. So what makes this more different to the other blogs I moonlight? Well, this blog is mainly for makeup as a career and advanced makeup techniques. With the makeup industry booming and many hopefulls enrolling in makeup schools in hopes of becoming the next big thing in the makeup industry, I decided to set up a blog for the makeup artist, by a makeup artist!

And just in time, It's my one year anniversary in the industry and so much has already happened -- all of which I've been grateful of, both good and bad. They both made me who I am, and these have paved the way of a career path I've grown to love.

So with reviews and tutorials and raves and rants, I will also be featuring makeup schools, announce makeup workshops, photoshoot collaboration, job openings, apprenticeshp programs, etc. I would also feature makeup artists - seasoned individuals in the industry in differet fields - counter makeup artists, chief makeup artists, teachers in makeup schools, and budding yet talented freelance makeup artists that are sure to make it big in the industry

If you're a makeup artist, pro, amateur, or aspiring, then read on here. If you love makeup... you're welcome here as well. :-)

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