Friday, July 18, 2008

Avante-Garde Love

With glam being my specialty, avante garde is my fear. Although it's something that no one could go wrong with, the challenge is to still make it look pretty and "astig" rather than clownish or done by a kid let lose at a cosmetics counter.

During a photoshoot, one of the layouts was avante garde and the model, Steph, had a leopard print sash to go with a plain dress. Since the dress was plain, I decided to jazz it up by matching her makeup with the dress. Whaddya know... for her next layout, the leopard makeup still matched!

Here's me and my model, Steph, after the shoot

and Steph working her poses

This was taken using a regular cybershot camera. I can't wait for the digital versions though.

For avante garde, we also have to make everything match and color-coordination and color harmony would come to consideration. I also didn't use "special" makeup for that. the prints are just plain ol' eyeshadow mixed with mixing medium. :-)

Avante garde makeup is very liberating, and for me it's a form of self-expression. Although rest assured I still am a glam makeup/clean makeup kind of gal, photoshoots like these are nice to just let lose with color. :-)

Have a wonderful weekend friends!

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