Monday, July 14, 2008

Cosmetics Fair Loot

Let me start my blog by my favorite thing aside from makeup - retail therapy!

I went to the CAS Cosmetics Fair held at the Center for Aesthetic Studies last week. Participating brands were Guerlain, YSL, Revlon, Bobbi Brown, Skin Food, Watercolors, and TSM. For the makeup crazy like me, I had to control especially when Guerlain slashed off their prices up to 800 pesos only for the foundation and Touche Eclats were marked lower. And
today, they allowed credit cards! Whoo and auuugh since I really needed serious control. But anyways... here's what I got.
Skin food had most of their items at 60 off and I badly needed blush since I could not find my Patrick Rosas blush so I bought this candy pink Skin Food eyeshadow that could double as a blush. it's very shimmery and pigmented and it's good for weddings. I also got a Black Bean pencil eyeliner in a plum shade. This one gives a warm smoky eye and it also glides easily like butter. The circle with the four sections is actually concealer from Watercolors, and these are good for covering blemishes, redness, counteracting yellowness, and all things that we need to even out the skin tone. It's quite potent, a little goes quite a long way. Those sachets are actually freebies of moisturizer I got from Skin Food (review coming up).
The pink shadow worked like a great blush. I used it on my client during her trial makeup and the cheekbones really popped out.

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