Friday, January 13, 2012

Look 10 Younger With ANEW Genics from Avon

Avon launched a breakthrough anti-ageing formula that promises to help the user look up to 10 years younger. Isn't that fabulous? It's actually here, in this bottle of their new product: Avon ANEW Genics.

Apparently, this concept of anti-ageing goes to the genetic level. Scientists have studied that there is actually a gene called a Youth Gene, which is present in everyone (hmmm... now that's like a built-in fountain of youth), although there are some people who have highly active Youth Genes (like those who live long, like 100 years) it's still with us. This Youth Gene, by the name states is what keeps the body healthy and the skin cells, as we call it alive and kicking, or fierce and fabulous. Obviously, as we age, the Youth Gene actively declines and we get all the signs of ageing which happen with time - wrinkles, lines, dry skin, name it.

So with this Youth Gene discovered, scientists came up with a way to stimulate this gene and keep our skin looking younger. This discovery is bottled up in this amber bottle of ANEW Genics, a treatment concentrate to help the skin look younger.

ANEW Genics isn't like the regular sunblock+moisturizer you use. It's actually a treatment you use on the skin before you put your entire routine. This is applied on cleansed and toned skin first. Spread it and let it absorb. Then after this you can start applying serum, moisturizer+sunblock, and then makeup, if it's a day you put on makeup. If putting another layer of cream on the skin sounds suffocating to you, you'd definitely be glad to know that this is a very light formula that sinks into skin quickly. I dunno what ingredient it was though, because it actually had a cool feeling on skin. Immediately, I felt my skin feeling considerably softer and smoother. I tried it too on the skin on my body and saw a difference. The skin on my body is really dry and that little thin layer of ANEW Genics made its chaffed state quite relieved. Yes, I am guilty of trying to use this all over my body, but of course it's really made for the face down to the neck and extend to the chest. It's not recommended to apply this on the lids but I've been told that some apply this on the undereyes. Usually, the instant effect is having the skin looking and feeling firmer, expression lines visibly softened (bye bye frown lines, laugh lines, and crow's feet!), and visibly restoring skin's vitality. I love that there's the word "visibly", which means we don't need a microscope to know that there is a difference. We can just see and feel it.

This product is highly recommended for mature women as well, especially if they're about to wear makeup. Remember the main problem of makeup cracking or somehow not cooperating with mature skin? This product, giving the skin a bit of TLC and "youth-boosting" power makes foundation glide so much easier.

To whom do I recommend this product? Women age 26 can start using this. Obviously, teenagers, pregnant women, and children should steer clear of anti-ageing products. This one I have on my pro makeup kit too. Yep, it is an extra step in skin preparation, but trust me, makeup looks so much better in nice skin. The price isn't bad too at Php 1799. This can last me months, since I only need a little bead-sized amount, which I spread throughout the face and neck.

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