Friday, September 30, 2011

Kris Aquino Is Olay's Newest Brand Ambassador

A few weeks ago, Olay launched its newest brand ambassador, someone who loves and firmly believes on the product and has been exposed to it ever since she was a child.

Kris Aquino - actress and tv show host has been acquainted with Olay. Her mom was an Olay user back then with the pink Oil Of Olay bottle. She jokingly reveals that she uses Olay from head to toe. She's got a collection of Olay body and skin care and even uses Olay Total Effects on her body. That's how much she loves the product.

Olay Total Effects has been around for quite some time and you all know that this is my brand of choice for skin care for my own personal use, and sometimes for clients. If I've done your makeup lately, you might have noticed that slim bottle of Olay Total Effects in my skin care kit. Actually, let me tell you a story. I just started using Olay in 2008, when Regenerist was first introduced. Before I got into makeup, I wasn't into skin care, so I was using whatever was cheap and if I should use it. With proper skin care, we should also know what proper products to use. Case and point, the stuff I've been using when I was 16 will not work now that I'm nearing 30, because a 16-year-old has different skin care needs from someone who's 30.

At a certain point in life, our skin care needs an extra boost. Whitening (in most cases, as I've noticed a lot of Pinays have an obsession for fairer skin) isn't enough when someone's older so skin care needs to address the signs of skin ageing. I've been told that by age 25-28, we should start using anti-ageing skin care due to the stress that age is exposed to as well as the exposure to the elements - smoke, pollution, sun, and all. I kinda started at 26 so I guess I'm not too late. So when you reach that age, it's best to start switching to anti-ageing skin care like Olay.

Kris relates to everyone that not only did she have great reviews with the product. She relates how her makeup artist for the event, Juan Sarte (and also one of my makeup idols) used this to do her makeup and he said that the quality of makeup wasn't affected with the product, to think Olay contains sunscreen. The common problem with some sunscreens or moisturizer infused with sunscreen is that makeup doesn't seem to adhere well to the skin for some weird reason. But for Olay, makeup melds well and it in fact, looks like second skin. I believe that too because I used Olay on my trial makeup with my client and I took a picture of her using harsh flash from a point-and-shoot. Skin looks the same and protected from sun damage, so thumbs up for outdoor shoots, outdoor/garden/beach weddings, and even studio shoots where fluorescent lights and hot studio lights can contribute to skin damage.

Kris and the event host for the day, Boy Abunda. Kris looked absolutely pretty! Looks like I have to take her head-to-toe Olay regime into consideration.

Actually, here's the thing, my pole teacher told us that relief for chafed skin is moisturizer. Understandably, we can't use moisturizer during pole days, but we can use them at night or off-pole days provided we soap it off when it's time to pole. Since our skin can get discolored from all the friction from our tricks and I sometimes go home with chafed skin on my wrist, thighs, waist, and back-of-knee, guess what's my cream on those areas at night? :)

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