Monday, September 19, 2011

I Love My Epilator!

I first learned about epilators from a V-log done by Pursebuzz, and seeing how convenient and quick they seem to remove hair like a razor but have results that last as long as a wax. Two of the celebrities I worked with before in a theater production swear by it as well. I wanted to buy myself one but I found the rates to be deathly expensive (around Php 4,000) hence it took me quite some time to buy.

While at Singapore a few weeks ago, I chanced upon an epilator on sale, currently priced at SGD 45 (approximately Php1,620). Well, here it is, it's now in my possession. I've been scraping myself too long on razors and changing razors every so often is getting more expensive.

Hello Philips Satinelle epilator! This looks just like the one that Pursebuzz reviewed. It looks like an electric razor except for the head, which looks like this up close:

It looks like a torture device really, but these are stainless steel discs that act like multiple tweezers that grab body hair from the root as they rotate, removing hair at half the time it takes tweezing or threading.
It operates by the flick of a switch. It has two speed functions. The faster one can be used on legs while the slower, I use on underarms or during my first epilation session ever. Yanking hair from the root sounds too painful for words but if you're like me, who's used to waxing every month, the pain is just the same. Unlike shaving though that you could do in the shower, for this model, skin (and surrounding areas should be dry) as you use this device as it's plugged on a socket. So it's great to use this after shower before going to bed or when you're wearing your miniskirt before you head off the door. Take note too, that some redness could occur depending on your skin condition so do a bit of test or "practice session" before using this on an important event.

For me, it's definitely way better and longer-lasting than shaving my legs and less messier than waxing. Although there can be a few stubborn hairs left after, that's where threading or plucking comes to clean them up. It's even easy to clean too. All I have to do is remove the cap containing the discs and rinse them on running water, dry them up, and it's good to go (I still kept the sheet with the directions and made sure to read all safety precautions and instructions before using). I use this on my legs and underarms. I leave the brazilian waxing to the professionals. :)

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