Monday, September 19, 2011

The Morning I Rescued My Hair

I've had a lagas (i.e. hairfall) problem that's been going on. I've dismissed it though since I know hair naturally sheds on its own, but I've noticed a great deal of hair on the floor, on my (wide-toothed, take note) comb, on the dance studio, and on my hair tie that I've panicked. My regular anti-hairfall shampoo didn't seem to stop the problem though. Avy read my status message on Facebook as I related another lagas woe, when this bunch showed up when I ran my fingers through my hair the moment I woke up.

I know my hair naturally sheds a few strands daily but that amount in the morning and another amount when I shampoo and then comb is red alert. I am not undergoing chemotherapy or radiation therap, mind you. Avy asked me if I got a trim because my hair must be too heavy already. I said I did and the stylist took 2-1/2 inches off my waist-length hair, and he told me that my hair needs to get treated. Avy echoed the same suggestion as he did. Come to think of it, I last had my hair treated (and I mean went to the salon instead of DIY) almost 10 years ago. I guess it's time, which I haven't found yet.

Time somehow found me a while ago, when I had my day free and so I decided to hunt a salon to get my hair treated. The first salon I went to was David's Salon. I heard good reviews about them and they're known for doing hair really fast, and since I was the first customer of the day, it was good to go. At first, I thought a regular hot oil would do. When I told them about my hair fall problem, they suggested that I level up the treatment with Kerastase Concentre Vita-Cimente. When I asked the cost, for the length of my hair, they said it would amount to Php 1,950 since they'll be needing two vials for my really long hair (but it's thin!) I almost chickened out but the thought of carpeting our floor with more of my hair sent me to the shampoo chair to my treatment.

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The vial looks like the one above, a clear fluid in a bottle but to apply it to washed hair (my hair was washed by a pro prior to vial application), they attach the vial to an applicator spritz- pump like this, so it spritzes the product onto the hair so no product is wasted.

This product was recommended to me since my lagas problem is due to my hair becoming brittle and dry. The stylist even confirmed my hair fall problem when she was combing my hair out with a wide-toothed comb and a big clump of hair was stuck on the comb. Mind you, this is someone who knows how to comb and care for hair the right way. This serum fortifies hair fibers making it strong and resilient to the chemicals and heat styling I do to my hair when I do style my hair, and probably the pool chlorine too.

The two vials of Vita-Ciment was massaged onto my hair from roots to tips (head massages are the most wonderful thing on earth). Then, my hair was clamped and covered in a plastic wrap and I was left with the product on for a good 20 minutes with magazines to read. No heat necessary. Twenty minutes later, the product was rinsed and my hair blow-dried to shampoo-commercial straightness.

Hours after treatment, my hair still looks sleek and straight and not fluffy and funny. It's straight because it was blow-dried straight. It can be blow-dried with a bit of wave but I just said straight.

It was so cool that I can run my fingers through my hair and not have any strands of hair on my hand. My hair feels much smoother and healthier. I even ponytailed my hair and I was surprised that my hair maintained its shape when I took the ponytail out.

Kerastase Concentre Vita-Ciment is available as a treatment in salons. I got mine at David's Salon in Greenbelt. I've also seen reviews online that this treatment can also be done DIY once a month when you purchase the vials. It's my first time to use Kerastase treatment actually, as I've been hearing a lot of good reviews about it. Looks like the reviews are true. I actually thought that super sleek hair can be achieved by professional blowdrying but even if I get to have my hair blowdried by a pro, it still mushrooms up after some time with sweat and humidity. This power-treated hair was tame enough to withstand Food Court smoke, the concrete jungle's humidity, and a tight, tight ponytail. As for the scent, I'm actually nursing a cold now, so my sense of smell is dead as my fallen hair so I can't say anything about the scent. But I'm telling you guys, my hair has never been this pretty and healthy.

I was told to wash my hair the following day and just let my hair as it is, but I don't mind. I was supposed to go home though after but I lingered around the mall a bit and did some errands because it's not everyday that I get to have hair this sleek and pretty. I was also told to rest first from my old shampoo in the meantime and switch to a gentler shampoo or a different shampoo formulated for my hair condition. If you think it's straight because my hair's weighed down, that's not true. My hair feels really light.

My only qualm of course, is the price, but I guess it's a price that I should pay if I want to maintain healthy, long hair. I can do this occasionally when I feel that my hair longs for it. I'm really happy with the result and I'll let you in a few days after on how my hair turned out.

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