Monday, September 19, 2011

Angelina Jolie Simply Beautiful in Louis Vuitton 2011 Core Values Ad Campaign

Angelina Jolie is your modern-day Superwoman. She's got talent, style, and a big heart. From red carpet glam to helping the needy as a Goodwill Ambassador, to being a mom to six beautiful children, Angie has it all. To add another feather to her cap, she's the latest star to pose for Louis Vuitton's "Core Values" Ad Campaign.

Ad campaigns usually involve the endorsers in haute couture garments and glamorous makeup. We see a simple but still beautiful Angie wearing her own clothes, minimal makeup (just earthy tones to define her eyes), barefoot, and her flowy dark hair windblown as she sits quietly on a wooden boat. That LV bag hanging on her shoulder, is in fact her own Louis Vuitton Alto bag, a discontinued style, which she has owned for years. This picture was shot by none other than Annie Liebovitz and this scene was taken in Siam Reap, Cambodia's province. Her visit to that country sparked her humanitarian activism.

Here's a video of her commercial, where she talks about her journey to Cambodia, how that country touched her heart and the day she met her eldest son, Maddox. She relates that it was filming in Cambodia that got her to become aware of land mines, and the thought of having people - men, women, and children walk along grounds that may blow up any minute like it was just part of their lives. As the film states, it was how one journey could change someone's life.

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