Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Browns and Earth Tones On A Rainy Day

I admire makeup artists who dress up during a shoot, whereas I'm either in a tank top or t-shirt with either leggings/shorts and flip flops as footwear. To top it all, my hair is in a scraggly no-suklay ponytail. As I was prepping my outfit for a shoot I'll be going to, I saw that it was raining. Rainy days signal me to, well go beyond my uniform. I pulled out plain black rain boots, a miniskirt, and a loose top for this combo:

TOP: Get Laud
SKIRT: Urban and Co.
SHOES (not shown): Plueys Panther
EARRINGS: Green and Purple

Would you believe I had that skirt since high school I think? The brand used to be in the Philippines I think a decade before and it had a clearance sale until I never heard of it. Too bad, it had really nice outfits. The top I've had it when I was still working in the office, still glad it fits though and I like the fact that it's loose so it could accommodate an entire bowl of pho. Since my skirt's got prints, I went for plain black rain boots and pulled my hair back in a high ponytail. Well, I still got the no makeup and scraggly ponytail look.

A picture with my trademark pink toolbelt with my tools in the background.
Picture them while they're still orderly. :)

Had so much fun in the shoot. Did both hair and makeup for one model, and Mike told me to just do one look with focus on the eyes. I tried a new technique for smoky eyes without the need for much black overload. Just did depth and all. Anyway, I'm looking forward to more shoots when peak season catches up.

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