Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Shop Hoard Last Week

Last Thursday, I had a meeting and after that, my first stop at the mall is my favorite place: the MAC Glorietta counter where I made my second brush purchase. Oh yes, I've been starting to collect these brushes (MAC and Bobbi Brown being my choices) and this is my second full-size brush from MAC:
Hello 242! This is a flat tapered brush made of super-soft natural bristles. It's really an eyeshadow brush that's great for depositing color (cream eyeshadow, cream color base, powder eyeshadow, or pigments) but it could also be used as a concealer brush. This is a smaller version of the 252 large shader brush. It's stiff enough to deposit color for intense color payoff.
I stopped by National Bookstore to get some stuff for the "serious" side of my work, namely file folders, papers (to print out my model release and contracts) and pens, since I always seem to run out of pens. But hey, of course I want a little standout from the usual serious part and made 'em all PINK
Pink file folder, pink paper, pink pen, and pink scissors. :)

I stopped by Dreams and Carolina's and got some yarn for the necklaces I'm making, which are combination of crochet and beading.

Here's a necklace that I made with my haul. :) The colored yarn is something for people like me who get bored easily. I love how it shifts color without me having to change yarn. I'm making elaborate necklaces and that necklace, being the first piece has been in a lot of my shoots already. So it's time to make more.

Pretty much that's my hoard. It's just small since I'll be blogging a much bigger hoard. Heeheehee.

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