Sunday, October 25, 2009

Red Alert and Red Addiction

Red was the color of the day... er... night when I got home last Tuesday:
My phone matches my lipstick. Heeheehee. :) Say hello to my newest baby in my red lipstick collection: Shu Uemura Rouge Unlimited in RD 165 M.

This red is one of Shu Uemura's best-selling reds, in fact, while I asked EJ for a tube, he rummaged the stocks and I was so lucky to have the last piece. My first Shu Uemura red lipstick. Wiiiii!

Here it is, trying to break in its new home for its life. :)

Crystal clear glass tube so you actually see how much of your lipstick is being consumed. With me errr, this does not last, knowing my addiction on lipsticks. This shade is in a matte finish, in comparison with the frosty sheers of crystal shine. It's a bright red that brightens up the face instantly.

Here are swatches in comparison with two of my favorite reds: MAC Russian Red and MAC Ruby Woo:

versus MAC Russian Red (left).

Russian Red is deeper and the color more intense. RD 165 is actually matte but it's not the super intense matte, it's sheerer than Russian Red but brighter The coverage and intensity comparable to Russian Red, I have to slide on an extra coat.

versus Ruby Woo (left)

Ruby Woo and RD 165 have the same brightness level. Difference? Ruby Woo is more matte as in flat matte that's hard to come off even after glasses of wine. RD 165 has more shine. However, it does not last long as compared with Ruby Woo, which I wear with very limited retouching.

My verdict? I do love this lipstick. :) It's a sort of creamy-matte finish so I recommend this to those who want to wear a matte lipstick but would want something non-drying. It's also not sticky so it feels quite comfortable on the lips. Does it have my seal of approval? Definitely it does. I'd keep it in my bag though, and I'd have to stay put on retouching. It's a moisty matte too, so I could use this whenever I feel my lips are undergoing total dry spells.

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