Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Brush Review: Bobbi Brown Eye Contour Brush

This brush I haven't reviewed right after I bought it, considering I bought it as a birthday gift to myself last June. Actually, I guess now's the right time to review it after being my companion in a whole lot of gigs and even experiencing it personally.

This in fact is my first Bobbi Brown purchase, after the book, which was a gift to me for my birthday. I guess my birthday was Bobbi-sponsored heehehehee. I chose the brush since I needed a brush that wasn't similar to any of my existing brushes and of course, something long-handled with good quality.

So here's my Bobbi Brown Eye Contour brush:
The handle's a bit too long, since I got the professional brush size, and the Bobbi Brown handles are usually longer than other brushes. It couldn't even fit the frame. I actually hold the brush closer to the bristles, like before the "B" in the Bobbi part of the logo.

The use of this brush is to apply a greater amount of shadow in the crease to contour the eye. The bristles are flat here, as shown in the closer view as compared the the eyeshadow brushes wth a tapered or dome tip. The shape of the brush is round and flat, and the bristles are made of super-soft natural fibers (goat, I think for this type of brush)

The head is dense so it serves best to deposit products. For me, I recommend this to deposit color and then I still use my tapered brush to blend the color for seamless gradiation. Although using this particular brush to deposit and blend could work for girls with larger eyes, Smaller eyes can shrink more with a heavily-deposited dark contour color. I could also use this brush to sweep browbone highlight since it fits my browbone area well.

Another use for this brush is for nose contour/nose line. To fake a high bridge, I dab this brush on a matte dark contour color and tap off excess. When I make nose lines, I want to create subtle shadows instead of a super-fake line hence using little product at first and then adding more if needed before blending. I draw the line from the eyebrow head down to the side of the nose tip and blend the contour color with the highlight color on the bridge of the nose and the foundation so everything looks natural.

For the bristle texture, I get the same comments: the hairs are super-soft, up to now. So i try to maintain the softness by washing my brushes regularly with gentle shampoo and then conditioning them.

Overall, this is one brush I like due to the double purpose it has plus the texture. Plus with the high quality of this brush, this sure would last me a long time (provided I take good care of it, which I do).

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