Thursday, October 22, 2009

Makeup Workshop, Movie, and Meet-and-Greet

Mantra, my favorite studio takes work to the next level by producing a makeup workshop coupled by a movie. For those who have been inquiring about my makeup tutorial rates, thought you could check this workshop out. At a very affordable price, you get to learn how to do makeup, watch a blockbuster movie, and meet-and-greet also fellow beauty fanatics, a top photographer, and of course... US!

There would be two makeup artists facilitating the event, me and Nix Abaca, a good friend of mine who I have worked with a whole lot of times under Mantra. It's gonna be a whole lot of fun too!

For inquiries, you could send me an email. However, we only have limited slots left so better reserve a slot now.

To participants, we'll see you on the 21st :)

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