Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Window Lass

Remember my fun MAC Morning? Well, that afternoon, I had a few shots taken by my friend Andy and here are some of the pictures

Click for a larger version and up-close sight on the face. Andy's style is very candid and unique, and he captures each frame and creates a story with his shots. He's also a very good videographer and he documents everyday life and our shoots with video. When I asked him what software he uses to edit, he smiles and tells me it's Windows Movie Maker and not high-end software, yet his works are at par with international pegs.

I love how natural the mood is - natural light, natural mood, free, and living instead of pose-y. He tells me his favorite set consists of a good source of natural light, a bed, and a window. Simple but high impact.

Photo credits:

  • Model: Bambi de la Cruz
  • Photographer: Andrian Jutba
  • Makeup: Jarwin Manosa of MAC

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