Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Gothic Shoot With Angel

I had a shoot last week where I purely modelled for my friend. This is one shoot I like coz it was fun, fast, and fab.

Makeup artist for this shoot is Angel Manhilot. Angel and I met as we both have been working as guest makeup artists for MAC. Of course our favorite brand is what she used. :) The first outfit was like a rocker outfit where I used liquid leggings, a corset, and a leopard bra.

The second layout was a humongous black ballgown and Angel changed my lips to a striking blood-red hue and let my hair loose and messy.

This has got to be the most favorite shot of that series... It's definitely creepy.

The height of my hair had to be combed down well and since it was held in place by Aqua-Net, I needed 2 packets of conditioner to get it out. Which reminds me, with thatmuch product and teasing to my hair, my hair should get treated already. This was one shoot where I had to do super toning exercises. to get into shape and fit in the corset.

Photo credits:
Hair and makeup: Angel Manhilot
Photos: Bien Gutierrez
Location: Red Digital Studios

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