Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Makeupbybambi at Work: Behind-the-Scenes of Victor's Shoot

Hey there! I guess by now you've made your way to my renamed site, as I have announced the name change ages ago.

I'm still alive and kicking and still in the process of blogging. I woke up today feeling really groggy and heavy, like I turned to lead overnight. Anyway, I did the necessary adjustments in my blog so it still stays the same.

As I've said I'll be adding more features, here's one: Behind-the-Scenes footage of my recent shoot with once again, Victor. Here's Victor and me after the shoot. I stayed throughout all the layouts and helped him remove his makeup since the layers were quite heavy.

The shoot started at around 3 pm and we finished at around 7 PM. It sure was a lot of fun with such a fantastic group of people. The clothes were uttmost fabulous. Again, Dennis's famous
white hoodie makes a comeback. After that, since Apy and Dennis had work to do, Andy, Victor, and I had dinner and coffee at Greenbelt, just to detox and talk.
This is really what goes behind-the-scenes at work... it sure can be fun!

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