Friday, September 11, 2009

Red:Juvenus, The New Anti-Ageing Line by Shu Uemura

Shu Uemura counters are blooming red with their newest anti-ageing line Red:Juvenus, encased in red containers and replacing Ace ß-G as the anti-ageing line. The red containers don't hurt too. This line is said to visibly correct the first signs of ageing (yay!) as well as to block 99.9% of oxidative stress (double yay!). I discovered that with the pollution, lifestyle, and stuff we go through everyday, we're already being exposed to free radicals and stress-inducing agents (boo). So that's why we need proper prevention (yay again!)

That's Shu Uemura accredited makeup artist John Pagaduan (love the Kate Torralba coat) to give a demonstration on how to use the line.

He said to start everything with cleansing using the iconic Shu Uemura cleansing oil, which removes all traces of dirt and makeup or whatever residue on the face. Then to be followed by the Red:juvenus vitalizing refining lotion. This lotion is similar to conventional toners but without the presence of alcohol. They come in two variants. The one in the clear red bottle is for normal to combination to oily skin while the enriched variant (in the translucent bottle) is for dry skin. John advises to spray the cotton pad with water before dispensing the product to the cotton pad for a refreshing feel.
Next up is a serum or the Red:Juvenus Intense Vitalizing Concentrate. This concentrate is dispensed via a glass dropper dispensing 1-2 drops for application. Among the line, this one has the highest concentration of ingredients. Despite the potency, this product feels light on the skin and I like how easily the skin absorbed this. Not to mention it smells pretty good too, light and fruity.

Moisturizers are both for day and night. For the day, the Red:juvenus Vitalizing Retexturing emulsion is recommended.It comes in a slim bottle and the product is dispensed via pump.
For night, the Red:juvenus Vitalizing Retexturing cream is the product of choice, with its richer consistency. It comes in a tub, this time.

For the skin under the eyes, the Red:juvenus Vitalizing line-reducing eye essence should be applied on the eye area in a gentle patting motion. This eye cream is said to reduce dark circles and diminish puffiness (due to the caffeine content), as well as to firm and tighten the eye area. Again, this cream is lightweight just like the other products making skin care a must.

So far, the concentrateis what I'm using and what I like about it aside from the very light scent (I've been very sensitive to heavy scents these days) is how potent the product is. I used this on a client if I need to refresh and re-moisturize her tired skin and makeup was a lot easier to apply. I also used this on a shoot that started at 9:00 p.m., and the skin got a quick boost of energy. For me, I'd keep my eye on the Concentrate, definitely. However, since this line does not include sunblock, it is still suggested to use sunblock as an extra step (even on cloudy days like this).

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