Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Makeupbybambi's workweek

Since I'm a pro makeup artist, I have an erratic work schedule and while people are slaving off during weekdays, I'm basically at home resting from my full workweek. So here's a recap of what I did during my super absence in the blogging world.
Shoot #1: shoot with Bella. Bella is my new friend I met thru ModelMayhem. She's based in Indonesia and she came here in Manila for a vacation and we had a shoot with Stan Ong. :)

It was absolute fun and Bella's gorgeous. She reminded us of Anggun and she had such a fantastic personality.

After the shoot, I walked around Ayala Center (depositing my malette first at Rustan's) to run some errands when I decided to finally cab it (with all my stuff to head over to DPI Makati for another shoot). However, it was 5:30, a rainy Friday afternoon and the cab line at Greenbelt was long. Traffic was hell and cabs were picky. I finally got a cab who barely wormed his way out of Makati and going around the location was hell. Ang traffic mga tsong! Had I not brought all my stuff - big malette, small malette, and backpack plus handbag, I would have walked the whole of Pasong Tamo.
When I finally got there, I set up and immediately did makeup to maximize studio time. Of course, I got to pose too. :) The shoot is for my friend's underwear clothing business, which he would be launching online.
A preview of the shoot:
Here's me with the director/photographer Mike Yu

That's two pairs of falsies on my eyes. Now I know how my models feel when I give them the heavy ones. I couldn't open my eyes. :P
My shoot marathon didn't end there since I had a shoot at another location at 8 am in the morning (with barely a few hours to sleep and wash my brushes). The gowns were avante-garde and so was the makeup. It was really fun since I got to meet a new photographer through Model Mayhem with a totally different style. I sure can't wait for the pictures which I would definitely post very soon!
By the way, when I finally did get home to unpack, I had to re-pack again and wash my brushes and reassemble for.... a Sunday shoot with my friend, Kirk Barbosa at Rouge Studio. It meant getting up early in the morning to have a shoot. The shoot had two pegs and we were done in a snap plus we even played with my prosthetics.

Here's the model, Kat. The first peg was vintage where there were soft curls, red lips, and winged eyes. Here's the second peg, a natural, beauty headshot with luminous skin.

By the way, foundation here used was Paul and Joe Moisturizing Compact Foundation #30 under Paul and Joe Creamy Compact foundation in Clair, in case you want to know how the P&J foundation registers on camera. I didn't have to retouch her much.

Here's the prosthetics mini-shoot I had with Bugsy, another photographer friend of mine who hung out during the shoot.
Bugsy and I with our "slashes"
Heeheehee... barely any of my guy friends would say okay to makeup but for prosthetics they sure are game. We even wore the prosthetics when we visited Apy and Ardin for their Life in Mono Shoot and the guards at the studio building actually thought we came from an accident. With matching acting!

The following day, I had a 6 am shoot at Shaw for a magazine. :) Details to follow, when the issue comes out.

Since I was really tired, I went to get a massage and fell asleep right at the middle of it.

I'll probably be sleeping until my hectic workweek ends. But really, Erratic or not, I would not have it either way. I love what I do and wherever I am, there's nothing else that I could think of doing, hence my uttmost decision of taking it professionally.
Right now it's back to blogging again to rest and to recap the nice stuff that ever happened this week. :)

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