Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Makeupbybambi Prom Promo-h!

Anyone have proms and with no Hmua yet? Here you go:

With Junior-Senior proms right by the corner, I'm pretty sure girls are getting ready to find the perfect MuA for their proms right now. In my own prom, I made the mistake of just going to a first nearby parlor I saw to get my face done, My hair turned out okay but my makeup made me look 10 years older than I was. It covered that horrid zit alright, but so did my youth. My eyebrows were 2 shades darker than my head hair color and my contours were so obvious.

I've learned through experience how prom looks should be - a fresh face with a youthful glow and not pasty white matte. Define eyes with makeup that matches the color of the gown, a sweep of blush, and gloss. Eyebrows should be defined to perfectly frame the face but not too harsh to age the person.

With prom season coming in a month, I decided to give a special promo for girls who are going to their prom. I'm offering a 20% discount of hair and makeup service for girls who are going to doll up for their prom. What's more is that if you're a group of 4 girls, you can even avail of a group discount.

For inquiries, send me a PM or email and let's discuss your look, your dress, for that perfect prom look. After all, it only happens twice. :)

(note: Prices are exclusive of transportation. Transpo can be arranged or reimbursed. Tip to save: I can doll up 2 of you and you guys can split with the transpo fare. )

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