Saturday, March 3, 2012

Smoky Eyes Made Simple By Suesh

We all love smoky eyes, don't we? That's why there are hundreds of makeup palettes created to achieve the look. Blame it on the bikini-clad cover girl, the runway model, or that smoldering stare of the red carpet celebrity. With all these palettes, you guys know that even with the best brands out there, without the right tools, makeup is practically useless and the smoky eye may look like panda or smudged-on charcoal eye if not with the proper blending using the right tools. I'm glad that Suesh has made creating makeup brushes that deposits and blends colors so awesome and easily without putting a dent in your wallet with their super-affordable brush sets and individual brushes, just like their newest product, the Smoky Eyes Brush Set. Another thank you to Suesh for giving me a set to try.

Whenever I make tutorials and reviews, I make sure that it's not just makeup artist who would be using the tools or products I review. I keep in mind there are makeup enthusiasts or girls who simply want to create pretty looks for themselves, so I try to make everything simple as possible without sacrificing awesomeness. I'm feeling absolutely inspired tonight, so with this blog post/feature, I'll be doing a follow-up tutorial too.

The set has four brushes, to avoid utmost confusion as to what brushes to use in a pouch so they never get lost in your bag. The pouch also serves to protect your brushes from damages, dents, and dirt and it's roomy enough to hold pencils and mascara, should you wish to take them with you to create your own smokey eye. And it's vinyl so yay to not using leather hide.

There are directions in the pack as to how the brushes are supposed to be used. Of course, as you get better with makeup application, as I say in all my reviews, you will find your own way of using the brushes. Makeup techniques are discovered in time, and can vary from person to person, and you'll get what I mean when you start doing your own looks.

Okay, first up is the large eyeshadow brush - it's dome shaped and flat. it's dense enough to pick up pigment but loose and fluffy enough to make the colors blend easily. I use this to apply all-over color or base color, like a bone or ivory/nude color.

The small eyeshadow brush has also a more tapered dome shape, which fits around the crease better. It's a bit fluffier than the large eyeshadow brush, which aids quite nicely in blending pigments. From its shape, this product is used to apply the contour/crease color or darker lid color (depending on the user's technique). Although the large and small eyeshadow brushes are made of natural hairs, I like that there are no annoying bristles that poke the delicate eyelid skin whenever I deposit or blend pigment. Of course, the user should always take care of her brushes so they retain their proper shape and softness.

The angled eyeliner brush has a lot of uses. It can be used to apply a drop shadow, or the darker shadow on the lower lid, to define brows, or apply gel eyeliner on the top lid.

The dome smudge brush is almost like a pencil brush. It can be used to intensify the contour by depositing a bit of black on the outer V of the eye and blending this with the contour color. Its pencil-like tip (similar to MAC 219) can function to set eyeliner pencil with matching powder or to create the smudgy, sexy smoky eye.

The angled eyeliner brush can also be used wet, if you're the person who's fond of the wet technique in eyeshadow. Personally, I'm still iffy about wetting my brushes but if you are, then fine, this can be used wet to transform eyeshadow to liquid liner for a precise line for instant cat-eye look. As I've said, there is a possibility that these brushes may not be limited to these uses. I've found out that the small eyeshadow brush can function for a bit of nose contouring too.

The Suesh Smoky Eyes Brush Set retails for Php 850. It's available online already at the Suesh websites in Multiply and Facebook or their stores at Greenhills, Trinoma, and the recently-opened Alabang Town Center shop. Yes they do have a new branch for makeup enthusiasts living in the South area of the world.

The new Suesh branch is located at the lower ground floor of the newly opened wing, The Gardens. To get there, you enter the hall with Bench, Penshoppe, Getlaud, etc (the one where the old National Bookstore used to be). When you see Daiso, turn left on this new hallway and you will see Suesh on your right. :) It's near Gong Cha, so while you ooh and aah at the makeup sets while your companions can have milk tea there at Gong Cha.

Be sure to check my follow-up post for a tutorial and also a bit of surprise!

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