Monday, October 10, 2011

R02 Beauty And Wellness Center Rescues My Hair Again

One out of three friends I know are into group-buying sites. They rave about how they're able to find really great deals and advised me to check it out too. I keep shy on things like that, with the shopaholic tendecies I have, I might end up splurging on a lot of things. I did sign up, upon a friend's invitation one day, and promised to myself to use it on a really good buy.

It took me months after I signed up before I finally made my first purchase. Reason for this was most of the deals were located in places far from me, like QC or out-of-town. Second was that, I always think three times before making a purchase so I don't make any impulse buys. Anyway, let me tell you about my first Groupon purchase, which was something for my hair, which I always abuse. Hahahahaha. I saw a really great deal on my email for hair detox + oxy-jet therapy + head and back massage + haircut that was only Php 499 from the original Php 2,300 value it had. So I was like, go buy! Plus the location was super near my place and I have a lot of time this week so go (No typhoons okay? Heaven I call to you.).

As soon as I made my purchase, Groupon sent me a notification that I'll be sent a coupon via email. I got my coupon the day after, which I printed, before I decided what day to avail the deal. I thought of availing it today, on a Monday, where salons are usually empty as they usually get filled with clients on weekends. I called and set my appointment and as soon as 3:30 p.m. struck, I dashed out the door, fed the cat, and hopped on to Jupiter.

R02 Beauty and Wellness Center is a salon and spa located at Makati City. It's along Jupiter street right next to the entrance of Bel-Air 2 Village. I never really paid attention to it before to think I used to frequent that area especially whenever I have shoots at Mike's house. So when I called them and asked which side of Bel-Air they were and they told me they were near Bacolod Chicken Inasal, I knew the place already.

When I got there, I was welcomed by the friendly staff. I presented my coupon and I was asked to fill up a client information form. I was introduced to my therapist, Ian, who was really very detailed in explaining the treatment I'm about to receive. The hair detox is a treatment for the hair and scalp to return hair to its natural and healthy baseline state. The oxygen (or oxy-jet) treatment is for the scalp, and it's recommended for those with itchy scalp, dandruff, and falling hair. I told them that they could skip the haircut part as I'm currently growing my hair (I like keeping my hair long) and I already have someone who maintains my hair.

I was brought to the salon area at the second floor, which was filled with the relaxing scent of lavander. That alone (and the mood "spa" lighting) was enough to get me in a relaxed mood. First up, was to cleanse my hair so Ian shampooed my hair and towel-dried it. After gently detangling my hair, he applied the hair detox cream on my hair and scalp, section by section. During the process, he noticed one thing: FALLING HAIR! I was like eek! He asked me if I was stressed. I did have a lot of work influx the week though, and although I love working, it does beat me up physically. Hahahaha so I barely notice the stress part.

After the treatment was massaged through, my hair was wrapped in cellophane and I was told to relax (with a relaxing back massage I didn't complain) as the treatment started to work.

During the time my hair was immersed in hair detox solution, I had magazines to keep me company.

And tea of course. I love tea!

After that, my hair was rinsed and blotted dry. The oxy-jet part came next. The oxy-jet machine looks something I'd usually see in a lab rather than a spa, but I assure you it's nothing like torture, although it looks so scientific.

What happens when the machine is turned on is that the probe, which looks like a pen, sprays a solution directly on the scalp, like a cold mist. It's a 0.9% Sodium Chloride (NaCl) solution with chemicals, so it's not water. After that, my hair was blow-dried straight but not overly blow-dried that it's cooked all over again.

After my treatment, my hair started to look like it belonged to a human being rather than a wolf. Ian also gave me advice to keep my hair healthy and in check:

1. Avoid leaving the house with the hair wet, as wet hair attracts pollutants more, which damages the hair.
2. Dry hair before leaving the house. Blot with towel, then air-dry with a fan.
3. Use a wide-toothed comb on wet hair instead of a brush.
4. Load up conditioner on the ends rather than the roots.

With hair like this, I think I'd keep this for a moment and shampoo on Wednesday morning, as I was advised to let the treatment sink in. I didn't notice that when blow-dried straight, my hair comes up to my waist already. As the girls there said, "Hanggang Marilao Bulacan."

I also ought to try their spa services soon, like the bedrock massage, which currently is on promo. That maybe next week. I'm due for my healing massage this week, so I'm keeping my massages in moderation.

I love it that I got a really good deal. I really should keep those deals in check because there might be a good deal for me, that's a fraction of the price that it originally is.

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