Friday, October 14, 2011

Gigs: Polecats At the 2nd Avenue Launch

I was thrilled and honored to do makeup for my teachers, the Polecats again, this time in one of their performances. This time, 2nd Avenue invites the Polecats to perform for the launching of their latest series, "The Playboy Club." This is a wholesome event set for prominent media partners of 2nd Avenue and the audience was really excited to see what's in store for them.

I got to the venue (Palladium) at 6 pm and just in time, I was able to see them rehearse. I was given a peg beforehand and their costumes shown to me but it was great to see their number so I get a "feel" already of the look before my brushes, muscle memory, and brain start working. Just like an actor, I have to be in "character mode" doing the makeup.

X-stage properly set with sandbags: Check!

Makeup: Check! Makeup must-have is dark MSF (to contour), lip seal, MUFE Eyebrow corrector, MAC studiofix, and glittery eyeshadow. For their look, Myla told me that they wanted hot pink lips with smoky eyes.

Makeup artist and canvases (that's Kayleen) with me: Check!

I wanted a clear space to give them at least some privacy with their preps so we turned an available washroom's corner to a makeup corner.

Amaya goes first. Doing makeup on their shows is somewhat different from doing makeup on their photoshoots. They both need to be long-lasting since they'll be cooked under hot studio lights. Since they'll be dancing some numbers, makeup should really last long, so I used MAC paint pots to make their eye makeup hold, MAC fluidline, Fanny Serrano Two-Way Foundation (which I've tried and tested during the Stellar Summer Show. Did not fail AT ALL!) and Fix+ to set makeup while making it look natural and meld with the skin instead of it looking powdery. Since lighting is quite dim, I have to be stronger in application here than in photoshoot makeup, like deepen the contours, intensify the eyes, and exaggerate the lines a bit so they don't look all washed out. At the same time, it has still to look pretty instead of clownish.

Others are OC with eyes, others are OC with lines, I'm super OC with base makeup and contour. I want skin to look flawless and perfect.

By performance time, Polecats Amaya, Myla, Kayleen, and CD are already prepped up for their number.

I could hear a lot in the audience going "Wow!" and a lot were whipping out their cameras to take photos. I can't help but be happy and proud of my teachers - all four of them (Myla in beg1, Amaya in beg2, Kayleen in Beg 1 and Pole Mix and now CD in Intermediate 1). This is definitely pole dancing that takes away the sleazy and focuses more on the artistic and acrobatic.
Their super nice jades which made me do split exercises when I got home.

Special thanks too to Police Bennett and James for helping them out and being ever-so supportive. James took most of the photos you see here.

Thanks to the Polecats for letting me do your makeup for this event (you can read their post here)! Glad you girls loved it.

While at it, I'd like to plug their anniversary show, Polarity, which would be this Sunday, October 16 7:00 p.m. at the Philamlife Theater in UN Avenue Manila.
Visit Gen Studios Ortigas or contact 0917 701 POLE(7653) to buy tickets.

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