Tuesday, May 3, 2011

The Body Shop Moisture White Line Review

The immaculately white bottles in The Body Shop's shelves are a new line to their growing family of skin care to suit all skin needs. The Body Shop answers our call to bright and luminous skin like Asianovela actresses with the Moisture White line, which brightens the skin naturally (i.e. again, no pasty or fake colors) while caring for the skin and the environment. I have sampled out three of the products in this line and I asked a friend of mine to help me along so it's not that biased too.

When I was asked to try it out, I asked if the "white" part meant erasing my tan, it wasn't the case. Yay! It just brightens skin from within, so everything's all natural since they use natural ingredients like vitamin C and Community Trade aloe vera to care for our skin. This line helps prevent hyperpigmentation, age spots, and freckles making the skin look more even and luminous. A sun-worshipper like me could benefit from that too because with the hours I spend swimming and baking, who knows what spots could creep through my skin. Plus sometimes, swimming in the pool tends to gray me out, so this one will help the whole world know that I'm not a gray goose.

First up on the testing road was the Foaming Facial Wash. I find foaming facial washes so amusing. You pump the nozzle and foam comes out instead of a serum. The foam feels so cushy on the face and my friend told me it smells absolutely clean and beats the wet wipes I used to clean the face. It smells very gentle in fact, and just like the packaging, it's so simple. The best part was, I felt really clean and refreshed after using it, and only little toner was needed afterwards to get all the gunk out. Another nice thing about it was it didn't sting my skin.
The Moisture Milk is for those who are scared of moisturizer because they feel like their oil glands would go into hyperdrive and the skin would start regreasing minutes after moisturizer has been massaged to on the skin. Take note that the Moisture Milk is for any skin type - oily, dry, combination. It's not heavy or greasy like creams, and since this summer is abnormally hot, this could be a great alternative to our richer cold-season creams. It feels absolutely cool too on the skin, I think it's due to the community trade aloe though (remember how aloe vera gel cools our sunburnt skin?). It doesn't have SPF though, so if you're using this and going out, be sure to slap on anything with SPF. During a photoshoot though, I could use this since it doesn't have the SPF that bounces lights for the ghostly look.

With the word on SPF, here's the one to the rescue. The BB cream. This one I was quite hesitant to try since the last BB cream I tried made me look too pink and fair and almost unnatural. Most BB creams I try are either too light or too pink and I have yet to find something that would flatter my skin tone. The Body Shop Moisture White Shiso BB cream here is quite light, but at least it was more on the beige side.

Since I'm darker, I have to be careful to not apply too much that my face looks whiter than the rest of my body. It's still a bit bright and light when I swatched it over my cheek, but at least it could still be remedied by a slightly more honey-colored powder foundation.

I encircled the part where I swatched it. I could still note the difference (the one with the BB cream is on the right side, it kinda looks more beige than my own skin) but at least it's not that drastic when it comes to my neck. The BB cream is like a tinted moisturizer I suppose. It has a very slight coverage and my skin looks more flawless than it is when it's bare. I'd have to use little amounts of this or probably mix it with the Moisture Milk, so it goes on sheer with a slight, slight tint.

There are other products in this line to try. One thing I'm curious though is the Moisture White Shiso Concentrated Target Perfector, which zeroes in on dark spots to minimize their appearance. It sounds like a weapon by the name, when it's actually a tiny roll-on device that you apply on dark spots and freckles. The thing that won me over this line is more of the simplicity of the packaging and the scent. The heat of the summer makes me more sensitive to heavier scents, and the lighter formula could be a refreshing change as the temperatures rise up.

***Disclaimer: product provided for review.

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