Monday, May 2, 2011

Paying Homage

While I was searching for pictures, I found some of my favorite model shots, which I would like to share. I used to be in front of the camera (and with that I did my own makeup as well) while starting out and while we were building our own portfolios. I've officially went backstage concentrating on bridal makeup and let my brides and models take the center stage now. However, I would like to show some of my favorite shots of me during the series of fun shoots we had.

Pinup look by Stanley Ong. Stan's one of the first-ever photographers I've ever worked with, by the way. This was shot at the now-closed Gray Area Studios, one of Stan's home-base studios. I still had the bangs and red streak there and I stil didn't own my Russian Red lippie.

How did this shot come about? It was one of those shoots where we used to just have fun and make kulit at each other and do headshots. Fortunately, I was wearing a tube top here so pak! Clean headshot. Thanks to Ryan Sulit! Actually, this is my company ID picture. hahaha. Landi much?
A pre-Christmas 2008 shoot with now New York-based fashion photographer JC Cerilla.

I feel so lucky to have modelled gowns by fashion designer Gerswin Qua. Photo by Bugsy Jimenez.

Another Gerswin Qua creation, and the first time ever I wore a bridal gown. Since this was a size 0, I had to lose weight to be able to fit in that tiny, tin
y dress as I'm a size 2.

Being shot with two of my closest female friends is a wonderful thing. When I got back from the beach, I had a shoot with my Gemini twin Apy Arevalo.
She made me an Egyptian queen! I've always wanted to know how that felt like. Epic!

Christine also shot me in this grungy Kate Moss-inspired shot:

A simple but fantastic headshot by Italian photographer Massimiliano Cori:

It was an honor to have modelled for Manny Librodo last December 2009.

This epic shot by Aly Reyes landed on DPP magazine. Word!

How I fared in a [faux] bob by my good friend Michael Yu.

Before Ewa and Piotr left for Poland last year, we collaborated for a fashion shoot. Piotr is an amazing photographer and I love how he captures pictures. He and his Ewa are a dream team. Check out Piotri Wlazinski's work at his site.

My love for kittens in this photo by the talented Adrian Gonzales. Adrian's known for his cinematic take in his photos, being a film student. I like the desaturated treatment in his photos.

As I bowed out to the world, I ended it up with a photo from my last print shoot for Alphaland Corporation's projects - Marina Club and Balesin Island Club.
These are photos from their website.

I am open to the possibility of me going in front of the camera again in the future, but as of the moment, it's backstage work for me. :)

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