Thursday, May 19, 2011

That Rustic Tagaytay Wedding

Left: January 8, 2011. Right: May 15, 2011

As I've told many a people, Jho didn't have to formally tell me that she was getting married. I was able to read between the lines while we were texting. I clearly remember I was on my way to Makati for a shoot when I asked her to be my veil sponsor. A few moments later, she told me she wanted me to be part of her entourage. Kahit flower girl, papayag ako. Jho has always been there for me - in difficulties, in food, in tears, in work, and in play. She's probably one of the fewest people who has never let me down ever. That's why during the happiest day of her life, I had to make it a point to be there, by hook or by crook.

Her wedding day was a day where everything just fell into place. The day before, Bugsy, Benjie, Ram, and I were panicking as to how are we going to be complete there. After managing to turn some logistics around and packing light, swearing to the high heavens that we had to make it to Jho and TJ, we were all set for the wedding of the summer. While on the road, I turned my seat into a micro-makeup station completing my hair and makeup (down to false lashes).

It was an early day for us, After doing my makeup base and setting my hair at home (bawal magmukhang pulubi kay Jho), we picked up Benjie at McKinley then picked up Bugsy at Southwoods before heading off for lunch. We also made sure that we had our cameras with us because we know how much the couple loves pictures.

The wedding was held at San Antonio de Padua church in Cavite, whose rustic details matched the wedding theme. We got there early, deciding to head to the church right then and there so we would be early, have a good parking slot, and of course, do as we promised: bring our camera and take pictures.

Buhay Baboy friends of Jho check!

Curl insurance: lots of lots of humidity-resistant hairspray.

Jho wanted flowy dresses with very feminine and romantic details. The bridesmaids wore beige-colored dresses with various necklines to match their own tastes. For the secondary sponsors like us, we had a rosy rosy pink color.

I wore my Fila sneaks in a happy lilac color so I could be comfy, run around, and have fun.

The bride was a vision. As soon as she entered the church and she started walking, everything just felt right.

I love the rose details on her dress. They were like this rose-brown combination. Jho herself was OC in handpicking the details she wanted. She got everything right, down to the last stitch of the cabbage roses.

Long epic train. :)

I've shared so many laughing moments with Jho and TJ but never have I seen the two break down and cry when they said their vows. Midway through his vow, TJ, who I have never seen cry in my entire life broke down. Some members of the entourage and the couple's close friends and family were also in tears. Their vows showed how much they loved each other in the 11 months they have been together, and now for a lifetime.

The happy couple with the secondary sponsors. Coincidentally, I was the veil sponsor as Jho and TJ were in mine. ;P

Hacienda Isabela's courtyard garden was instantly turned into a very elegant setting. Jho and TJ love to take pictures. Aside from the guestbook, Jho and TJ printed out their pictures in different 4R prints, where guests and friends could write to the couple their messages and hang them for everyone to see.

Back at the table, I took pictures of the flowers.

Buhay Baboy friends. The food was really yummy. I must have eaten more than the couple combined did. :P

The couple had a wonderful list of suppliers too. Particularly, they were lucky to have ace wedding videographer Jason Magbanua to cover their wedding. Jho just shared us the link to Jason's SDE video, which he showed during the reception and you guys could view it here and be witness too to my friend's happiest of all happy days.

To my dearest friend, I wish you and TJ a happy life together. Thanks for letting me be your veil sponsor for your wedding. And when you guys get back, we will hang out with the newest adopted member of the Buhay Baboy group.

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