Sunday, May 8, 2011

Bridal Work: Wapole

Wapole's wedding is a day where everything magically fell into place. No kidding. It was the happiest day of her life with hardly any hitches. Wapole's such a sweet, sweet girl even on emails and texts alone, she's the type of girl that would be easy to talk to. She's a recommendation by my loyal client Evelyn. I've been doing Evelyn's makeup for three years now and in one of their annual company Christmas parties, Wapole loved her look so much that she was like, "It's okay, I love her already! I'll book her!"

During our trial makeup, Wapole was such an inspiration to work on. She's a very happy person and she had a lot of good stories to tell. During our trial makeup, she didn't have a decided hairstyle yet so I just did a simple hairstyle on her and I told her to email me a picture once she's decided. Quite interestingly, she chose a hairstyle that's quite similar to what I did to her in her trial makeup.

Her wedding was the first day of Holy Week ever, Holy Monday to be exact. The calltime for all of us was 8:30 a.m. I was on my way already to the hotel when I had a car problem. The car had to be taken to the shop and I hailed a cab to Diamond Hotel. Unfortunately, I thought I lost my watch that day so I went back home to check it. Fortunately I didn't. Whew! So anyhow, I called the wedding coordinator for that day (Gen Lee Events) and I informed them that I'm on my way, alive. I just had a vehicle problem so I'll be a little late. I also texted the hairstylist and asked her that if ever she comes early, to set the hair of the bride. I also gave her the room number of the bride as well.

Thankfully, I was just a few minutes late. When I got there, Wap was the first who greeted me. She had this big, big smile on her face. She just looked so happy with no sign that she was haggard or stressed. She asked me if I would like to get makeup done in the bedroom. I was like, na-uh, we're doind makeup in the common area. Why? Because if you get your makeup done, in the area I chose, you have an ample supply of daylight as my source of light (my choice of lighting as it helps me give a more natural look). Also, my bride and the five other faces I did makeup on would have this epic view of Manila Bay.

It's a very relaxing and zen-like view for the makeup artist, hairstylist, and clients. I wanted Wap to be relaxed on her wedding day and to look her most beautiful. Before makeup, our happy, happy bride already radiated the aura of a blooming bride.

After hair and makeup, my bride looks very much like a princess.

I like a mix of browns and peaches on her, since her theme colors were red and black. I gave the entourage liberty to play with their makeup but for my bride, I let her stay fresh and classic, my signature bridal look. Of course, we have falsies there to open up the eyes. I used natural-looking falsies on her and I blended it with mascara. The makeup I did on her I used the airbrush technique, which she loved. It looks too fair at first but when it sets, it looks a lot like her own

While at the bridal car, Wap told me the story of their wedding preps, how many years in the making the plans were and how they waited for the right time and place their wedding would be. A touching story would be how she had friends and classmates who flew in all the way from the province to be with her on her wedding day. She got married on a weekday and her friends actually took leaves from work, which was really sweet. Also, her bridal gown was a gift from her younger sister who was based on the states. She never fit it, and her wedding day was the first time ever she wore it. And it fits really well!

Ready to march down the aisle? Yep! And who's singing the bridal march? No one but the groom! Wap told me that this was one of her requests, that she march with him singing her bridal march. I insured her makeup too with waterproof makeup, since Wap told me she tends to get emotional. After the ceremony, I showed her with a mirror her makeup. No smudgies!

Back at the hotel pre-reception pictorial.

Wap with her lovely sister Tulip, who's her maid of honor. I grabbed some pictures from her album, by the way, since I didn't have much pictures come reception time.
Wap and Tulip are really really close. And not to mention they look so much alike. They're practically like twins. As I chose a very classic and neutral palette for the bride, the maid of honor had more leeway with colors, so I gave her subtle smoky eyes and red lips, so she stands out. Of course since this was a wedding, I wanted everyone to still look like themselves, so beauty makeup still comes to mind.

It was a truly blessed day for everyone. Everything just fell into place. It was a work day that I enjoyed immensely with great food, great people, and great fun.

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