Monday, May 2, 2011

Our Stellar Class Picture

Hello gorgeous Saturday! While I spent my summer weekends primping brides and debutantes for their own photoshoot, I spent last Saturday for a photoshoot with me and my fellow polekittens in front of the camera. Since our recital would be coming up in a month, it's time for our class pictures. Instead of the usual class picture though where students are prim and proper, we donned our recital costumes, had our hair and makeup done, and posed to fierceness. It's so cool to see everyone get all dolled up and pretty, and the process was really fun too. Unfortunately, my camera's batteries ran out of power so after three shots, it died so I had to rely on BTS photos of my teachers and classmates.

Going to CubaoX, the route I only knew was EDSA. The last time I was there was for a photoshoot and at that time, I lacked sleep so I didn't know how to get there. Thank God for Google Maps, we were able to map out our way but what we didn't expect though was this traffic. I knew Megamall was going to have a 3-day sale but it wasn't the cause. It was the clogging up due to the road construction because past Guadalupe and Shaw it was quite easy to get to CubaoX, minus the buses at Gen. Romulo St.

Finally when I got there, I removed the rollers and pincurls from my hair and ran up to meet Myla. Prior to the shoot, CD told us to wear our costume under our street clothes already so it won't be much of an effort to dress up. So basically, all I had to do was remove my jumpsuit, jump into my heels, slap on my headdress, and go.

Kayleen's girls looked very, very awesome. They had all-black outfits and the bright color accent would be their boa. Their look reminded me of Chicago, one of my favorite movies.

This shot was the last shot of me before my camera officially died, was a full shot of my outfit. For our number, Myla told us our costume would be red and black lace.

I'm quite conscious with my hips so I hid them by drawing attention to the shoulder area hence I kept my bottoms simple. The black lace top is actually from YRYS, which I bought last Thursday and the red bra was just a regular bra from Bench too. The epic red headdress by my dearest Dennis Celestial gets a repeat performance. I swear I really loved his work I told him it's going to be seen quite a lot until our eyes pop out. Footwear to match? The red snakeskin peeptoe high heels.

Surprise! I saw this solo shot of mine at this at the Polecats' site as they posted their blog post on our shoot. With my heels and headdress I was maybe a good 6 feet tall so they had to sorta shorten me so I don't look like a giant. HMU of course is DIY as always, and as we were given license in the photoshoot to go all-out, I did smoky eyes with red lips (mixed Viva Glam I with heartless) and used thick and spiky falsies to give the eyes more life.

The intermediate level girls and their teacher Amaya. Omigod you should see their number. Their spins and tricks and turns are just jaw-dropping. And that's one reason for me to stay after class and watch them.
Mara's striptease class. They dress up as sexy and naughty schoolgirls. Hi Danah! Mara also helped us with our poses to make sure we're all even and level. Not to mention she brought out our inner Rarr-ness.

I love this shot!

I wasn't able to grab pictures from CD's sailor class and Myla's Burlesque class but you could read Hannah's post on her costume at her blog. She'll be dancing the Burlesque number.

We girls have a month to go to polish our moves, get stronger, and really work it. So let's all get set and have fun! I can't wait for the official photos!

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