Sunday, January 23, 2011

Shooting Pygmalion

Going back to work just makes me happy, who cares if I'm tired or have a packed schedule right? and why say no when the venue is absolutely beautiful?

The famous glass dome belongs to Fernbrook Gardens, the same venue for my D-Day, so why not go back there again right? While leaving Fort earlier, I was worried that it would literally rain on our parade and ruin our shoot right? Zooming Skyway had trickles of raindrops as well but as soon as we entered Fernbrook's complex, the sun shone like a hot summer day. Coincidentally, it was the same case as my wedding as well. I had a sunny, sunny day for my wedding but it rained like the day after it. So does that mean everytime I'm in Fernbrook the sun shines? Okay... that's wishful thinking for me.

Anyhow, Rachel had this concept in mind she saw in ANTM where the models were transformed to marble statues. It was done outdoors and they were partnered with a guy, but this guy was human. It does remind us of the story of Pygmalion, where the sculptor Pygmalion falls in love with the statue he created, Galatea. Hence, the shoot was named Pygmalion.

Rachel's makeup artist friend Bambi Bennett had the concept and execution down to pat. She knew exactly what to do and what materials to use, even to the very detail of turning Rachel's long flowy locks to resemble sculpted marble or stone. When I arrived there, I saw her smoothing hair extensions and fixing the fabric she stiffened and painted in a matte white color. We had two models for this shoot. Rachel of course, was our Galatea. EJ was her Pygmalion, so I took charge of doing his makeup. Makeup for EJ was fast and quick so while he rested, I helped out in transforming Rachel's tanned skin to stone.

That's four layers of makeup on Rachel, two of those were airbrushed. Bambi B. wanted it super smooth so no flesh tone should be seen. Rachel practically had extensions and a whole tub of wax and paint on her hair by this time.

Two Bambi's using two [airbrush] guns. It was a hard task but fun. Our hands were splattered white too and so were our guns but it was okay. The challenge here was to layer without cracking and buffing the medium to smoothness. Two hours later, we got Rachel Lobangco, petrified version:

Not as obvious here yet, but wait till you see the set.

Bambi B. doing finishing touches.

Then Leo starts to shoot. Omigod, on camera, she really looks like a statue.

Our Pygmalion joins in.

Layout #2 and #3 was set near the church. We were lucky that the church doors were closed.
Shades because the sun was blaring. Nevertheless, it made a fantastic blue sky.

After the shoot, we had a scrumptious late lunch where I probably ate two plates and a half (mental note: must swim for two days and workout like a madwoman). After we all cleaned and packed up we called the shoot a day. It was a long shoot but definitely worth it. I really love working with fantastic and talented people. It gets my blood rushing plus I get to imbibe good energy and inspiration. Great way to jetstart the week, eh?

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