Sunday, January 16, 2011

Kristine's Makeover Shoot

Kristine was our client a few weeks back. She wanted to try something different and to look different. A photoshoot would do just that right?

My Christine had magic in her mind, I enhanced her magic lights and eye with a few of my swishes, sprays, and flicks. :)

Kristine before the makeover. Clean, sweet, and fresh. An hour later, we went for edgy street chic.

I just laaaahhhvvvv her brows. And her bone structure.

You go classy lady!
She looks like a Chinese actress in these very pretty shots. All I had to do was smoke up the eyes and curl her hair. Christine did the rest of the magic.
photos and styling: Christine Day Lorico
makeup: Bambi de la Cruz

It was a lot of fun and Kristine loved the results. She's an amazing beauty and so glad to have worked with her. :) Should we watch out for her in today's glossies? Who knows?

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