Thursday, January 20, 2011

Bridal Accessories from trad to RAD

With my HMU taken care of, it was time for me to work it on the clothing department. That I impossibly can't go DIY on, so I left the fashion to the professionals.

When I chose my palette, the first thing I wanted was I wanted my gown to reflect my non-traditional self. I didn't want a gown with a train, a trailing veil as long as a football field, or the usual pristine white. I would have welcomed a wine-colored gown or a fun gown like Gwen Stefani had during her wedding. However, I must remember that although my artist friends welcome that aspect, there are those that would raise eyebrows when I strut down the aisle in a dress that seems to be pulled out from a haute couture lookbook instead of a bridal shop. So I settled for an elegant cut dress in a champagne shade that had a tad of white. Instead of a pristine laundry bleach white color, I opted for something in the warmer spectrum.

Days before D-Day, I decided to hang my dress from the white wedding box it was kept. When I tried it on, I was surprised that I lost weight again and my dress was too loose already for me. My mom told me I had to take it for alteration at this moment. Veronica Velayo comes to the rescue to make the gown fit for a bride. Not only did she alter it to fit my shrinking figure, she also cleaned up details which I didn't see and changed up the inner skirt for a brighter look and softer flow. We also had another veil made, a simple one cut short just for the ceremony with Swarovski crystals placed randomly for sparkle.

For the church ceremony, I had the veil placed on top of Wacks' weaved bun. I requested the veil not to cover my face since I get claustrophobic easily. Oh yes, and I'm non-traditional.

The reception was time to have fun and let loose. For the reception accessories, it was also still time to wow, and for accessories that boggle the mind, I had just one person in mind to do that - Dennis Celestial. Dennis and I have been working for the longest time and I knew that no one could share and understand and enhance my radical nature but him. For the headdress, I wanted something bold and red. Known for his intricate beadwork and avante garde headpieces, Dennis came up with a headpiece of red felt with red crystals twisted and turned like berries. The red headdress indeed looked regal. I was happy Dennis did it with his own aesthetic still there, with a bit of avante gardeness. I really like how keen his eye is for details and neatness. There was no glue gun thread in sight or loose hemming in the fur.

And speaking of regal, when every bride covers up with a translucent bolero, I was for (faux) fur. Faux of course, since I still wanted to be animal-friendly. The fur stole wasn't itchy at all, being lined with Mikado silk.
Clowning with my MOH Erika and groomsman Yeoh before reception entrance.

I jokingly call the look the Mayaman Matapobre look. They were indeed statement pieces and not only could I wear them in weddings, I could also wear them in other events.

Accessories are a fun way to jazz up a white dress, depending on what you want to project. Both of my looks were glamorous. The church look was more on clean and pristine and sort of traditional (sort of because I was wearing red peeptoe snakeskin stilettos and all my six piercings). The reception look was more fun and fab. More fur, more bling, more Old Hollywood glam with a lot more fun. By the time the reception came though, I enjoyed it more by kicking them stilettos and replacing them with gold ballet flats for me to walk around.

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DeBi said...

wow! I so like what you did with your gown in the reception...I cant do that as the people on both sides are so overly traditional...Oh Filipinos!