Thursday, July 15, 2010

My First Wedding Magazine Editorial

Yay to MAC and yay to Wedding Essentials for this gig:

I got to do a spread for Wedding Essentials. I was really excited for this shoot I made sure I prepped up for this well and did research too on the looks that I could do.

This was a feature for Mich Dulce as she ventures into bridal wear. Mich has been known to do bridal hats and funky avante garde accessories and here, her work as a bridal wear designer gets featured. And who else to model it but her muse and best friend, Ciara Sotto!

Ciara models her wedding gown and hat designed by Mich. Before makeup, I was thinking fresh and natural bridal for Ciara but when I saw the gown and the peg for the hair, one word came to my mind : Vintage. I immediately thought red lips, winged eyes, very Dita Von Teese. I asked Mich and Ciara if they were okay with a deep red lip and they said yes. I really love the vintage classic look, so I was so inspired to do this shoot. I gave a subtley defined eye with a bit of a wing and false eyelashes to accentuate her eyes. I didn't want it too strong since the lips are already red. Since it's bridal, the bride still had to look like herself, so no makeup adventures or experiments here.

Aside from bridal wear, Mich also does period corsetry, which she studied abroad and underwent training. Corsetry cinches someone's waist to about 4 inches less. Ciara originally had a 26-inch waistline but it was down to 22 on her wedding day. Apparently, if a bride wants to have that done, she would have to wear and wean into a corset for about a month before her wedding day. It's the same as what they do during the olden times, where they shape the body into that hourglass shape. It was quite interesting to know, since this is the first time someone actually brought it here.
Photo-op with Mich and Ciara:

Thanks again to MAC Cosmetics for giving me this opportunity. :) I really had fun. This is currently the July 2010 - December 2010 issue.

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ERIN said...

I would love to know what makeup products you used on the bride! I am going to be a bridesmaid in two weeks and this look will look perfect for our candy apple red dresses! Thanks!