Friday, July 16, 2010

Legally Blonde Week 3 in Pictures

So as the musical that painted musical theater pink comes to a close, let me share to you a few snapshots of what happened backstage last week:
Here's Don helping out reshaping and grooming the wigs for the characters so the wigs still look soft and natural instead of ratty.Carlos does fantastic makeup for Ms. Jinky as she gets ready to wow audiences as Paulette. I so love Carlos's pink-and-platinum blonde mohawk.

I do Kaich's eye makeup as Jett gets a retouch from Crystal.

The makeup artists for Saturday's show. Great job guys! Jarwin, known for his fabulous play of colors in eye makeup does his magic on Alice, who plays Enid Hoops, one of Harvard's law students.

The two leading men of the show also had to look fabulous.

Here's Guji after I did his makeup.

and Nyoy with Cay, his MuA for that day's show.
I'm off there in a bit to do makeup . I'm really gonna miss this show. I had fun here and it's been great and I did love the show. Congratulations to the cast. Break a leg!

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