Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Retail Therapy At the Sale Racks

After a long workweek last week, I finally had some time to blog. And for it, I'll be sharing a few retail therapies I got post-typhoon, where I finally had time to shop.

Being intrigued at Forever 21 for the longest time, I thought I'd give the most-talked about store a visit and probably score a few items if I can. When I got in SM Megamall, I asked the conceirge where the Forever 21 store was. They motioned to me which escalator to take that would lead me straight to it.

It wasn't hard to miss. The moment I reached the end of the escalator, I could see the famous logo. Since I brought a larger bag with me since I was going to head off to Meralco after this little side trip, pictures were not taken during the store, even phone ninja shots. The store occupied a huge area transversing two sides of the mall. There were lots of choices, from the summery, frilly, girly, classic, tough-girl, or laid-back vibe. Aside from clothes, they also had dresses, accessories, and shoes.

The first section I went to were the accessories section, where I spotted a great deal of headbands, jewelry, and other knick-knacks to spruce up any outfit. Since I'm not much on the jazz and baubles, I went through the sunglasses section. I'm a sucker for large sunglasses since they not only protect my eyes from the UV rays, but they keep me looking chic in hiding my dark circles during the time when I forget to reach for my concealer.The lenses are tinted red. Me like. But you know what I like more?Do you see the price on that one? It reads Php95.50. I kid you not. The cash register verified that too. I reserved that one for me by holding on to it for dear life as I explored the store.

As I was searching for the dresses, as usual, I went through the neutral palettes. I wanted something that I could use for quite a long time and something that I should have. This posed a challenge for me since most of the items in the store were either embelished, printed, or frilly. I'm not much of a fan of ruffles and pastels and I wanted something with a clean silhouette. What caught my attention though was a pencil-cut knee-length skirt in my signature black color. I picked out the medium thinking it would fit me better since I have full hips. Turns out it was quite loose for me. Unfortunately, they didn't have it in small. The gray variant had it in small though, but since I didn't want to line up again at the fitting room, I used my intuition. Turns out when I tried it at home it fit me fine. So for my second purchase, it was the gray pencil-cut skirt.

It costs less than Php400.00. When I lined up to pay for my purchase, I'm glad that they accept BDO auto-debit (i.e. ATM or cash card) and your purchases add up points in your SM Advantage card.

Forever 21 indeed does have lower prices. Actually, their prices were lower than I expected. It was like shopping imported outfits at department store prices. If you're pressed for time that day though, the store might take a lot of time from you since it's quite big. A time-saving tip would be to know your size already beforehand so it would be easy to choose clothes to fit already.

After Forever 21, I passed by the Promod store seeing that it put up some of its items on sale. Rumaging through the sale racks made me discover a patchwork dress in gray, black, and white. I tried ignoring the dress first but it somehow called to me. Remember incidents where you see a dress and wonder whether to buy it or not but it somehow "calls" to you to buy it? That's how I felt. Looking at the humongous price drop shown was what sealed the deal.

That's a huge markdown! It's a lovely long-sleeved mini-dress that I could work into a top by either tucking it in and pairing it with pants. I could leave this as it is as well if I want to show some leg. The sleeves could be pulled up when the temperature gets warm. I like the open neckline too, which contrasts well with the conservative sleeve. To wash this though, mild detergent like Perwoll was what I used for this. A bad accident with stronger detergent might cause the colors to bleed. Oh, and minimal soaking here.

I like the light jersey material to go with my on-the-go casual style. If I want to go glam, heels would be my best friend. But for just hanging out, flats would be my best bet.

I guess it's great to give myself a bit of reward since I've worked hard during this month. Which reminds me, I have to work on my post birthday post as well. Till then!

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